Friday, 15 January 2010

Kai's Face

For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a Craft Robo (a card/paper/vinyl cutting machine where designs can be made and sent via a PC) and was able to make this layout I'd thought of for the photos I used.

The journalling says "Kai was fascinated by his own facial features"

Its a very simply done layout. I cut a 12x12 in half and on one side had the robo craft cut out "Kai's face" along one side, and on the other half it cut out "Ear, Chin, Nose, Head, Mouth, Tongue". I stored the letters from "Kai's face" and stuck the page on the right of an orange sheet. I then mounted the 6 photos on a cream background to show up Kai's face more, and then mounted on a storm blue coloured card to make the photos stand out more.

On the left of these I stuck the words down to match the correct photo (I had already organised the photos so the smallest word would end up at the top, going down so the last one was the largest word.

I finished with a small amount of journalling and adding the date the photos were taken.

Its the quickest page I've done so far, but I think it works well, especially as the "cogs" seem to represent the cogs turning in Kai's mind.


  1. Love how you have cut your title straight through the paper :) I'm sure I have that cog paper too ;)

  2. that seems like such a simple idea yet it is amazing! Those pictures are just priceless!

  3. Gorgeous layout, you are so clever, I don't think it's simple at all, completely stunning x



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