Monday, 25 January 2010

Homemade Mushroom Soup

Over at Country Heart and Home Debbie is posting a new recipe every week for a year with the idea that we can put them together in a recipe book or as recipe cards with our own photos, tried and tested with comments. This can then be kept or given as a present.

I decided to try the Mushroom Soup for Sunday lunch. Though my chopping speed is diabolical this was a very simple recipe to make and follow.
My lot are a fussy bunch, except for the youngest, he's happy to eat anything from raw onions and lemons to fish fingers.

I expected the eldest to sqwark when he saw it, its a fawn mushroom colour, not the colour of food he likes, but he didnt, his bowl was returned to the kitchen empty.

My other half is the other fussy one, its hit & miss with him but he also loved it, his only whim was that he'd like it again with larger chunks of onion and mushroom in it. Thats 2 yummy votes out of 4.

Kai, my youngest, he enjoyed dunking his baguette in it and eating it that way, but he got fed up of eating it with a spoon, next time I'll put his in a mug.

& me? Well I thought it was delicious, its just the right consistency, creamy without being sickly and full of flavour.

Thats a total of 4/4 votes to cook this again!! Thats what I call a good start.


  1. mmmmmm looks very tasty not sure my DD would touch it but the rest of us would love it I'm sure xxx

  2. oooh not tried this one yet. It does look yum!



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