Thursday, 16 December 2010

Altering Baubles

At this time of year I am rather busy, and the kids are rather excited so just before December, on one day that the kids were being particularly annoying lively I decided to get my spare baubles out for them to play.

It was a lot of gluey, glittery....
....good fun
They happily decorated their own trees with these on December 1st.

I even had a play later using papercrafts sticky back velvety roll.

Yes, skulls have even made it onto my christmas tree, YAY!!

I know Nicky from Creative Flourishes has done similar on her baubles to make characters, and v.posh looking baubles.

Have you tried altering any baubles?


  1. {Blush} Just been reading this and spotted my name.

    Lovely baublery! (If there was such a word!)

    Cute red nose picture too! One for the album! :-)

    (PS, I'm doing another bauble project tonight)

  2. Oh I love those skully ones. Such fun. Have you entered this in the GA link up?



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