Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Santa did a whoopsie!

When I saw Barbs card on Haunted Design House using Elfin Miller I wanted to do something similar and asked if I could use her idea, she kindly said yes :)

So here he is....
Once again I tried many different colours before settling on my fav.

The pants arent on the original digi image but with a bit of reworking I printed a few I'd found on clipart and stuck them on.
Underneath it says..
"Well I was ACTUALLY thinking of Santas List
when I said I wanted to make a good mark"
(written by Barb's friend, Beverly)

Underneath some others it says
"well I dont THINK its coal hes left this year"
Yes, I know, its devoid of all apostrophes etc but thats because they dont look right with the font I was using.

Now all I have to do is write the ones I need to hand deliver :)
How are you guys getting on with your christmas cards, do you send any?


  1. LOL! Only you K! Love these. I managed one card this year - want to do more next year so may have to practise some!



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