Saturday, 18 December 2010

A Sticky Wreath

I dried out some sticks I'd collected and used them to create an egg shape (I was going for circular but it just wasn't working) which was to be the base of a wreath. I added some smaller twigs I'd received with some "rustic" decorations (they were tied in bundles to hang on the tree **shrugs**) around the wreath, and then attached 5 cinnamon sticks to the bottom to act as a framework to attach other bits and bobs. I then sorted through my other natural(ish) looking decorations and after finding positions for them that I found visually pleasing I attached them with the glue gun.

I attached a piece of twine to hang it by but found it lacked something so added a pinecone to the top and hung a rustic wooden christmas tree from it  :) It just kind of balanced it off a bit more  and gave my eyes something to focus on.


  1. I tried making a twig circle once to try and make a dream catcher - didn't dry them out first so maybe that's where I went wrong - it definitely didn't end up a circle ;)

    Another gorgeous creation K :)

  2. willow is best to use Carmen, its a bit more flexible which is why its used in making willow tunnels. That and becaus once the sticks are planted they continue to grow.

    Unfortunately there arent any around me, & I only dried out the twigs to make sure they didnt go mouldy or have creepy crawlies in them, they probably would have worked better if I'd moulded them and then dried them.



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