Tuesday, 22 November 2011

CCWCC - Altered Noel

It is my pleasure & Honour to be joining in with the Creative Craft World Christmas Countdown 2011. The standard of projects are amazing, beautiful & theres something for everyone.
So on with my project...
I bought this letters in January, super cheap, yet again they're back in fashion & you can pick some up in most shops selling christmas decorations. I dont know about you but black & sparkly just doesnt say "Christmassy" to me, even if I do have a black christmas tree. They screamed out to be altered.
To start off with sand all the glitter off, & rough the other painted surfaces a bit with sand paper - this gives the 1st coat something to stick to.
See, its not perfect,  it doesnt need to be as long as theres no glitter left giving a nice smooth surface to work on.
Paint the letter, I used spray paint. Do as many coats as necessary to cover the letter following the instructions on the paint.

 Now to pick some pretty papers, I chose a sheet with words & positioned my letter so  "Jingle Bells" would remain whole. I drew around with a thick black pen so you could see it easily, I wouldnt recommend doing this yourself, use a fineline pen or a pencil, otherwise you'll be having to wipe pen off your letters. Dont worry about little mistakes, I didnt :-)
Cut inside of the line & stick onto the letter. I used modge podge, and then covered it all over with a couple of coats. Now you can decorate. I added ribbons, charms, highlighted images with glossy accents, & embellishments.
Here is 3 sets I did to give you a few more ideas.


  1. Wow they are beautiful, I liked them black and glittery but I love the altered ones even more, absolutely gorgeous - thank you for sharing!

  2. Those look great K, love all the additions you made too. x

  3. I much preferred them altered, really cute I love the dangly bell from the 'O'... see you in a few days xxx

  4. I bet you were sneezing glitter for a week :D

    These are gorgeous K! Like Virginia I like the black glitter version but the altered ones are lovely - espesh the little bell.

  5. I liked the black glitter, but I like the warm words and extras better!



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