Tuesday, 29 November 2011

All things must come to an end

Its cuppa tea again, are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin
(Part 1 is HERE, & part 2 HERE)
Sunday I was up at 6, unable to sleep. I wasnt sure when the other crafters would be up & with a lack of signal in coalport I couldnt really ask, so decided to leave mine at 8:30.
I almost got the time right as when I arrived everyone was just finishing breakfast, I was offered some but I'm not really hungry until mid morning. So I sat & listened to the chatter until everyone was ready to go into the craft room.

I managed to finish the layout I was doing, well, except for adding to the backing layer that I decided it needed & started on my bookbinding. I was then asked to cut my cake so we could all have a slice, and I was very happy (and a lil abashed) that they said it was so nice.

Lizzie got us all to sit round Clair for her to show us how to decorate presents in a beautiful manner. This gal should work on QVC.....after the watershed. She is fab at showing techniques, though turns the air blue a few times which fits in perfectly with her being totally hilarious. I'd love to have recorded it. Its exactly what QVC could do with, upbeat & funny.
Clair, please please please do some video tuts in the same manner as you taught us, I think they would be EXTREMELY popular.

This was followed by both Clair & Julie showing us how to make ribbon roses which have sooooo many crafting uses.

Lizzie handed out a lovely present to us each, I got a fabulous christmassy beer mat book

Shortly afterwards Ruth & Julie had to leave so Ruth could catch a train back home. There were hugs given and the odd tear shed. After they'd gone the rest of us retired to the kitchen for lunch, much easier than carrying it down to the craft room. We sat in the dining area & chatted away before sorting out the left over food & dividing it up, there was still quite a bit.

We returned to the craft room but I dont think any of us could really get back into crafting. We seemed to take it in turns visiting the gift shop.  I bought a decorated star christmas ornament to put onto a thin ribbon & wear as a necklace .... later on Mel returned with the same one with a similar idea in mind. Great minds & all that ;-)

As we sat we ended up having a good ol' heart to heart, we learnt a bit about each others lives & I've received some great personal advice from the gals which I shall be following up.

Mel made us each beautiful little, personalised cards, heres mine....
Lesleys other half came to collect her so he was bribed with chocolate cake and other goodies.
We slowly packed up and divided the rest of the food, I made sure I had a sample of each of the homemade cakes I hadnt tried. It was lucky I'd packed a spare bag as it was filled with craft swaps & food goodies which I was very grateful for. Tables & Chairs were all put back in place & the room began to look more like a classroom & less like a craft room.

Within a short time of each other Lesley, Joe, Clair & Mel left leaving myself, Lizzie & Jem
Both very kindly offered me a lift home which I left to them to decide who actually would ... it didnt take long as Lizzie had a lot to get in her car and Jems car was bigger. Cars packed, room clear, keys returned, it was time to go.

It was peaceful outside the hostel as I waited for the gals to return the keys, the odd car & ducks quack broke the silence, it seemed a rather final, yet almost fitting end to the weekend.

As Jem drove me home we chatted & she kindly helped me with my bags. As he heard my voice Kai came running to the door before spotting Jem & shyly edged into my craft cupboard while Zack came for a nosey & a brief introduction. With a hug she was out the door & starting her own journey home.

For the next couple of hours I barely had a chance to look back & contemplate all the goings on at the weekend as Ry was feeling rotten (man flu was my guess, shhhh, I didnt say that ;-) and needed help with tea, the kids wanted my attention & finally I began to doze off.

I started this post with the title "All things must come to an end" and so they do, but this is just the end of this chapter, there is talk of another meet up, a bit further south this time & I'm determined to attend

Thank you lovely ladies for making the weekend such a wonderful event, I feel I have learnt loads & made new friends, I hope you all keep in touch xx
p.s if I havent got it already PLEASE can you send me your email addy so I can keep in touch by using the contact box on the right :-)


  1. A lovely round up to a lovely weekend. Lots of memories to keep

    Lesley xx

  2. This has been a lovely set of posts, K. I really am glad you came along and will look forward to seeing you again!
    Lesley is right - you do have a good memory... I'm not sure I took in all the details of the weekend, I was so busy "organising". I felt like a real bossy boots at times, but it seems to have gone smoothly. Thanks for recording it all for me - so I can read it and remember! X

  3. I have really enjoyed the first chapter and hoping I can feature in the next one! I wish I had been able to stay longer with you all (just to try some more cake obviously!) I have to visit the gift shop next time I am in that neck of the woods and I am totally jealous of your note from Mel and the quickcutz ...... but you know me i always have stash envy/ food envy/ craft envy etc etc xxx

  4. The final installment eh? Think of it as being the beginning of the next bloggers' weekend ... I'm sure there will be one!

    And it was delicious cake!



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