Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Halloween Fun

As many of my long term readers know I love Halloween (or as I & many others call it, Samhain). I dont take my kids out trick or treating as I'd rather not take them out in the dark to knock on strangers doors for sweets, it holds all sorts of morally dodgy arguements but I sha'nt go into those. So instead, while Zack was at school I took Kai to his friends house that we'd been invited to & had a lovely day there. Kai dressed up as Mario...
...& I dressed up, minimalistically, as a witch. By minimalistically I dont mean I was half naked, that would have been a Halloween Horror, I mean I wore one of my long black skirts, blouse, green eyeshadow & black shoes. What made it more witch like was my purple & black striped tights, & my little witches hat I'd made...
.....which I slipped onto a head band...

We got home & I put the finishing touches to one of the main events of the evening.... my photobooth & halloween props! I shall show you these in a little while on another post as its rather picture heavy.

I then helped the kids make chocolate apples...
I stuck lollipop sticks into the apples before covering them with melted chocolate....
...before placing them onto baking parchment & allowing the kids to decorate with raisins, hundreds & thousands, and sprinkles.
These set in the fridge while we ate our tea of worms & eyeballs (spaghetti & meatballs)

While everyone settled down quietly I carved the pumpkin

One of my favourite movie characters "you're jokin', you're jokin', I cant believe my eyes"
**wanders off humming**


  1. I could kiss you K. I've always been made to feel like a meanie and downright horrible Mum when other parents find out I've never let my kids go trick or treating. Phoebe went for the first time this year but only because her BFF asked her to go with her and they were accompanied by said BFF's parents and only went around people that the parents knew. I was bought up the same though, me and my sis never went either. Same reasons I suspect you have ;)

    Your hat looks fab, glad you showed a picture of you wearing it, never would have realise it's so diddy :D

  2. Love it - great pumpkin carving too.



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