Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Photo booth

Many of my Pinterest followers would have already guessed I was planning on making a photobooth due to the items I've been pinning.

I basically cut the front off the box we had the washing machine delivered in & wallpapered the inside of it (the box, not the washing machine). The central piece of the box (the back) I covered in blue tissue paper to try & resemble the blue background you can get in photobooths.

I printed out several halloween images such as mouths & attached a stick covered in white tissue paper (they were originally green which looked awful so I covered them) Other props I cut out of coloured card, sometimes adding embellishments.

I set up the "photobooth" with a stool inside & my camera set up on a mini tripod & a table. Then I got the kids to take it in turns posing ... heres what they came up with with the props

Kai even began adding his own props.

The kids had great fun with it so watch this space as I'm sure we'll be taking some more shots with different props soon.


  1. OOh, those are creative, love that idea. Your boys looked as though they were enjoying themselves too.

  2. Great idea! Love the props and you have two good looking boys there.
    So much fun too.
    Hugs xx

  3. LOL - that one at the end - getting my own stuff now Mum!

    Love this - they look like they are having so much fun!

  4. fantastic fotos! Loving the photobooth idea fabby!

  5. Haha - their expressions over those brilliant props are priceless - off to find Mario now!



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