Saturday, 5 November 2011

Rocking MY World Friday

Hi all **waves** running a bit behind this week, but I'm here, I'm commited & here we go :-)

First off paracetamol, ibrufen, olbas oil & pepsi are ROCKING my world. I have a touch of the flu (yes I'm ill again, its that flammin' time of year) but I am NOT complaining about it ... welll, not to you guys, to my other half, but not you guys :-) ... its that lil bit frustating kind of flu, the kind that saps your energy, makes your glands ache & swell, & leaves you breathing through your mouth for a few days/weeks. Medication is dealing with it nicely though & the caffeine in pepsi helps keep my energy levels high enough for a short time to do a few jobs - so yay, while medicated I'm feeling pretty good :-)

Halloween is always fab, I love it - so I dont repeat myself to my regular readers if you wanna see what we got upto please check out HERE and HERE

Kids are back to school, yay! I love them being off but I also love them going back, I know I'm fickle. I especially like having time to myself at this time of year as it means I can get on with christmas projects (in theory); Whether that means buying presents, making presents, ornaments, planning activities or just day dreaming, its all good.

Mmmmm, posh cake. I had promised Kai a slice of cake & a drink at druckers after he'd seen me bring one home that my Mom had bought. He was very good while we got the few bits of shopping so we went in there afterwards. I can no longer eat a greggs vanilla/custard slice after having these...
its a Mille Feuille - or a double decker, buttery custard slice to you & me. Ryan was a tad gob smacked at the total price but we could actually only devour the bottom layer of these, so I asked for a box & took them home for pud that night.

A chip off the ol' block. I took Kai to our new 99p store & then went back with him & Ry a few days later. as we walked towards it Kai looks up & says "Look Daddy, theres that lovely 99p store". Shows he's got my liking for these cheap shops, lol.

Treating ourselves to a meal out. With a day child free (well, between school times anyway), Ryan & I decided to treat ourselves to a meal out - we opted for Pizza Hut for their buffet as its fairly reasonably priced, we never leave wanting more & can get away with a light snack in the evening.
It gave us a nice bit of "time out", on Rys day off we're usually either doing jobs or concentrating on our own hobbies so its nice to put time aside for each other.

So whats been Rocking your world this week, do come & join in over at Celtic House


  1. Think me and Craig have the same thing you've got. Been downing diet coke and ibuprofen. Thank goodness for Tesco having their cough sweets on offer.

    Cake looks yum, I love those vanilla slices but have to pick the icing off. Blech.

    Good to see the kids following in your shop loving footsteps :D Have a fabulous week K, hope you shift the lurgy x

  2. Hope you feel better soon. I HATE that breathing through the mouth thing a cold brings. I like coke or lemonade when I get a tummu bug.
    That slice looks Heavenly but I'll leave it for you I think !

    I love the kids being off school then going back again too !!!

  3. A beautiful list as always, sorry you've not been well, hope you start to pick up over the weekend. The cake looks gorgeous, I love vanilla slices too but can't remember the last time I had one!

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend


  4. Oh poor you, feeling so unwell again. I can't imagine being without basic pain relief, I can't even function with a headache!

    That vanilla slice looks far too delicious for my waistline :o(

    YAY to 99p shops and lunchtime dates with OH.

    I hope you feel better soon. Surely you've got to feel better soon?!


  5. Hope the dreaded lurgy clears off soon.
    Yum...that millefeuille looks wonderful.....sigh...
    Yay for 99p shops and lunch dates with hubby.
    Hugs xx

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog last week, I did read it on my phone (after several glasses of wine)... so its taken me a week to visit back.. its all v convenient reading email on phones, but it completely buggers up my memory!

    Nope didn't get married young, got married at 30... left him at 31 :).. forgot him by 41.. maybe I have alzheimers!

    Love your blog.. my nickname off an ex (a different one!) is lady K lol

    PS that cake looked delicious.. I'd have had to have the cream one though!



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