Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Apple & Pear Crumble

I used this recipe to make Apple & Pear crumble We found it far too sweet, and if I find something too sweet you know its tooth rottingly sweet! We actually found putting custard on it made it less sweet.


  1. Gosh that recipe does have a lot of sugary stuff in it!! I tend to cook my fruit with no sugar at all and I use Delhia's recipe for crumble repacing half the plain flower with porridge oats yummy and easy!

  2. Hi K, I normally like sweet crumble, but it mustn't be too sweet.

    I tried to email you but my email thingy isn't working. I thought you might like to see this grizly homemade book title graveyard:


  3. Ooh I love apple crumble - def gonna try this one. I love sweeeet puddings. Yumm. Jaqui x



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