Monday, 25 October 2010

White Pumpkins

As Halloween is fast approaching I thought I'd share with you something I've been playing with

White & black pumpkins seem to have become fashionable in America last year, they look fabulous so I thought I'd try my own. There were no pumpkins in the shops when I wanted to have a try and being a rather impatient person once I've got an idea I opted for Squash instead.

I spray painted them in white and then used a combination of peel offs I had made and black marker pen to create the designs.

Though I love the finished design I did learn a few things ... squash skin needs to breath, because of this it will blow bubbles in the spray paint coating. Peel offs are quite difficult to apply to uneven, rounded surfaces and if not careful will lift the spray paint.

Once halloween is over I shall be keeping my eyes on the shops for reduced ceramic/ornamental pumpkins to do this again in a more permanent context for next year as I think they are sooooo pretty.


  1. Wow, K, I love them! They look so stylish and different. Particularly love the flourishes one but they both are great. Well done on a fab project. x



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