Saturday, 30 October 2010

Spooky papercrafting

Its that time of year that everything goes a little bit spookier. I love this time of year, its when I get the chance to buy some of my favouritist goodies - plenty of skulls, bats and black lace work in the shops.

In our house we use a mixture of both Halloween and Samhain traditions, and both are a great excuse to get the kids being crafty (like they need an excuse!). This is what Zack has been upto this morning...
They are cubees. I discovered Cubeecraft while looking around deviant art, I discovered some Dr Who templates Cyber Drone had created and looked around others he had made. These are only 3 of many, and I LOVE the skeleton. They are quite simple to put together, and Cyberdrone allows you to download them for free. If you follow his links you will be led it a world of fascinating cube shaped people and creatures, well worth a look around!


  1. Oh, this is something new, haven't seen these before. I love the skeleton too and so would my boys.x

  2. Oh, that sounds fun! Especially Dr Who :-)



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