Thursday, 11 November 2010

Door plaques

As my children get older so do there tastes, I try to make simple changes to their bedrooms to reflect this.
I have made them a foam door plaque each to reflect their tastes, and they are very simple to make.

1. Decide on your design ...

For Zack I hand drew a skull that matches the design on his curtains and bedding
For Kai I printed out a triceratops colouring in picture, hes dino mad at the moment.

2. Transfer design onto foam sheets
I cut out the skull and drew around it onto red foam.
For the triceratops I cut it in sections so I could layer it up. First of all I cut all round the edges and drew round it onto dark green. I then cut out the head from above the mouth, minus the horn that is at the back, and drew this onto a lighter green piece of foam. I used a hole punch to punch out his eye, then stuck the head on top of the body.
Finally I punched out a white circle with the punch, cut the horns out of white foam, and the grass out of light green. I then attached all these together.
Kai kindly drew round the eye for me and I gave him a pupil.
3. Cut out & attach everything together  I used double sided tape to fasten everything together, except for the letters that were bought pre-cut from poundland & already sticky backed.


  1. COOL! I love the skull and the dinosaur is so cute :P

  2. Excellent! Love them both. Jaqui x

  3. These are fab! I may have to try a Thomas the Tank version! Thanks for sharing :)



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