Monday, 8 November 2010

Ribbon Storage

I have a craft cupboard under the stairs which is by no means big enough to hold all my crafting goodies (I also have under my bed for material, & draws & boxes in the lounge). When they are box up I can never remember what ribbons I have and they frequently get tangled, so I set up a "washing line" behind the door in my cupboard where I can peg up my ribbons. I can now see them clearly and get hold of them easily.

As you can see some of the pegs have been decorated, in time I hope to get them all covered, just so it'll look nice. There is still plenty of washing line left so I can make this even bigger as my ribbon collection expands, as I'm sure it will.


  1. Cool idea K. I NEED to do some ribbon organisation, mine are in a right state. x

  2. Wow! What agreat idea!
    Sue x

  3. that is a great idea my ribbons are in draws, a bag and a heap!



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