Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Snowman Jigsaw Blocks

When I was little my brother and I had a set of building blocks that when fitted together formed different pictures. I decided to make a similar item for Kai for Christmas.
I took 6 old building blocks and sanded them
I then painted the edges white just to ensure no colour peeped through when all was done.
I had a set of snowman papers that I cut each one to the size of the 6 cubes combined, & then each one into 6 to fit onto each cube.
I covered a side of a cube with pva glue and then stuck one of the pieces of paper on.
I repeated this with the same picture on the other 5 blocks.
I did this with the other 5 pictures and then covered them with glossy accents to seal them and hopefully prevent the paper from peeling or being knocked about so easily.


  1. you are so beautifully talented!!! love this!

  2. Stunning work! I remember these blocks too. What a great idea to make a set for Kai. Jaqui x

  3. Gorgeous K - they'd make a lovely present too.

  4. What a fabulous idea I love these. x

  5. Yay, building blocks. These look great. They take a surprising amount of work to do too, I remember from when I did my photo blocks a few months ago. x

  6. What a great idea, I love this! :)



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