Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year

I was very lucky bunny this Christmas ... I think as we all want Christmas to be "perfect" we focus too much on the things that go wrong, but the positives this year far out weighed the negatives, such as ........

This stunning hat the lovely Carmen (aka whoopidoo) gave me - its handmade & oh so burlesque goth gorgeousness! Soon as it was unwrapped it was on my head, by far beating the usual cracker crown!!!
Among other items my Mother & Father in law bought me these iron fist shoes, oh how I adore ironfist shoes!!! Can you see the skull face on them? no?
That better? & yes I was walking round in these very comfy shoes, along with my lovely hat and a black comfy tracksuit I'd been given on Christmas day feeling very chic, lol. Oh, & bat wings!!! Yes bat wings, read on & all will be revealed.

Its very rare that anyone will buy me craft goodies as they are never sure what to get me so thank goodness for the lovely Ruth (aka furrypig) ...
 .....who sent me a lovely parcel full of scrapbook goodies, jewellery making bits, bat cuddly toy, bat wings & mask!!! so, oh yes, the wings had to go on, & coz everyone knows what I'm like in my house no body batted an eye lid (no pun intended)

But my favouritist gift of all was...

Kinetic off Ry, my OH, not because its really fun, & definately the way forward in technology, but because we hadnt any spare money to buy each other gifts this year so he sold his limited edition PSP & DS to buy it me. It was a total surprise, I didnt have a clue.
2010 came to a rather slow end as we were/are all suffering from flu, along with most of the country but as 2011 sprand into life I felt a surge of motivation. Motivation to get my roof cleared of junk & get the items listed onto ebay, motivation to get the house decorated and replace items that really need replacing but I keep putting it off (I've found I have 4 tea towels left & only 2 of them are in a decent state, but I cant bring myself to spend silly amounts of money on them). Motivation to get entering competitions and filling in surveys to reduce actual cash costs. And finally motivation to declutter, spruce up and generally get organised.

As you can see my lil ol' blog here has been the start of the spruce up :) Its had a good ol' clean, a few renovations and a white wash. As my Archive list was getting rather long I now have a link to it at the top, I think its much easier to see like that. Theres a new contact form so you can say hi to me if you want, or ask questions straight to me rather than everyone seeing them in comments, and it no longer tries to open your email browser. Theres even new twitter & facebook buttons at the top of each post incase you see something interesting you feel like sharing :)
So what has a new year sparked for you? What are you motivated to do?


  1. Oh WOW! Now you KNOW you have to post piccies of you in your get up :P I'm so glad I sent it even more so now I bet you looked amazing!

    This New Year will see me getting more crafty, stop putting things off and enjoy being me :)

  2. What a great positive post to the start of the New Year! Loving the swirly background ;-) Now you have got fab new hat and shoes we've got to see them on! What great friends (& OH) you have.
    Happy New Year K. x

  3. brilliant gifts!!!! you did great! i had a go on a kinect at cousins house and it was fab!! lucky you and how sweet is ry!!!!

  4. I love, love, love those shoes!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS! I like the blog re-vamp too. Happy new year :)



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