Friday, 7 January 2011

Box of goodies

I always find it hard to buy presents for my niece and nephews, I dont want to get them something someone else has bought them, I want to get something they'll appreciate and use - so for Christmas I opt for sweets and money :) I know at there age I'd appreciate it, they have sweets so they have something to unwrap & use on the day, and money to buy something they really want but havent received yet.

I do put a lot of love & thought into it as each year I try to present them a little bit differently.

After seeing Nickys (Qwiksave's) Gift card card I decided to try & figure out how to do similar but in a box style.

Heres the net I invented, cut out of shiny snowy card.
I applied double sided tape to the tabs.
Here it is partially made up, you can see it has a flap to fold over.

I attach a little card with a paperclip on it to hold the money. Slip in the packet of sweets (snowballs). The box flap closes and then the card does

I finished off by sealing the box with peel offs.
(apologies for the poor quality pics, I was taking the piccies in the evening & electric lighting is not my friend)

If you want the measurements for the net of the box they are HERE.


  1. My ears were burning, lol. Thanks for the mention, yours are looking great too.

    I would like to recommend to you Daylight bulbs, they are fab! Especially on these very dark days, they really brighten the room - they are perfect to do your crafting in and also for photographing afterwards. You don't need to buy expensive ones, just the blue bulbs and put them in cheap anglepoisey lamps. Like this: I got some replacements from there today (but ebay may be cheaper) - they really do the trick on these dull days. ;-)

  2. Great idea K.I'll take note and have a go myself.I have the same problem with lighting too.I looked on ebay I found this

  3. Lovely idea K. I give my nephews money as they are too old for me to successfully choose a gift but always struggle how to make it look as if I've 'tried'.

  4. It never crossed my mind that blue lights might help with taking photos, doh! thanks gals, shall have to seriously consider getting one when I have some spare cash.

  5. Wow K, they look fabulous!!!! Do you have dimensions for the box? x

  6. This is a fab idea, I will keep a note for next year. Thanks for sharing :)



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