Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Hi all, sorry I've been away but its busy busy busy here, my alterations are going BIG scale, :-) that is I'm decorating ;-(

I've also set myself the challenge to Scrap at least once a week.

I've barely got time to tweet let along blog ..... talking about tweeting, I know a few of you already use it but for those who dont you might want to pop over to Notes on Paper where Julie is doing a free course about Twitter.
Personally I love twitter, I use it to chat with people, keep up with current events, get advice, & have the odd moan ;-) I shall be following Julies course to see how I can use Twitter better.

Julie says the course is for peeps who want to....
•read about what on earth twitter.com does and is;

•learn about how Twitter might be useful to you;
•get more out of Twitter than you already are;
•hear practical ideas on making the site work for you;
•uncover some of the more artistic values and uses of Twitter.

Julie is far more eloquent than me so hop on over & take a look, & if you join twitter my username is @Lady_K_Black.


  1. Thank you for taking time to blog about my class! Just off to add you to the list now! :-)

  2. Will there be any decorating pix if you have time? Hope you get time to scrap ...

  3. Thx Julie :)

    Alaxa - Have just done some "before" pics, literally minutes before stripping the wallpaper off. Watch this space ;-)



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