Sunday, 16 October 2011

Jingle Bell Frame

As we have entered the last quaterof the year I like to start preparing for Christmas, including handmade decorations.
This is my latest decoration, a 3d box frame, but it started off as.....

...a fairly plain frame from poundland.
I removed the back & the front leaving the insert. To this I attached a cardboard frame I'd covered in blue paper to create a night time scene. & then a back piece covered in the same paper. The back piece also works as a stand when the frames put back together.
From here I could add the rest of the scene. I stuck peel off a peel off Santa scene onto card, coloured it in & layered them up. on the outer card I added peel off letters to spell "jingle bells". I finished off by putting sleigh bells loose into the frame before attaching the glass & putting it all back together.
This can now stand on my mantelpiece when I put my Christmas decorations up.


  1. Another clever creation K. I wouldn't have thought of creating a 3d frame from a 2d one. The jingling bells is a great idea too. x

  2. Love this! Love the loose jingle bells, would have to keep shaking it :D

  3. Love everything about this K. I too would keep shaking it to make the bells jingle" lol
    Hugs xx

  4. Wow! That's so creative! What a clever idea!
    Love the finished product!

  5. thanks for sharing how to do this love the idea of box frames but didn't think to do it like this u r soooo clever xxx

  6. What a fabulous idea, and the end result is gorgeous! Love it!
    Sylvia x

  7. As always a stunning creation !!

    Choccy xxxx



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