Friday, 28 October 2011

Rocking My World Friday

Its the half term hols, yay! which means I have actually had a few lie ins, always a plus ..... even managed to sleep until 9:00 the one day :-O

So what else has been rocking my world this week? A few of you asked what new craft I was taking up, well here it is....
My Mom gave me her knitting machine, I totally suck at knitting with needles so thought this would be a good alternative.
so far I have learnt to do a zigzag hem & a plain hem to do different types of stitches
& patterns with a different colour added. Next lesson is to make a wooly hat & a scarf, hopefully I will build up to making gorgeous long cardi's, & knitted jumper dresses.

While we are on the subject of knitting my MIL has made myself, Kai & Zack gorgeous wooly hats for this winter.
Kai's is the same as mine (as above), & Zacks is a beany style hat.
She also made me a fabulous corset...
Made to my figure, fully boned with metal bones (they keep their shape longer) in absolutely GORGEOUS Alexander Henry material, I want to get some in blue at some point to make a summer dress. Click on it to enlarge & see why I think this material is so great.

 I am really happy that we have a new 99p store in my area. I love poundland & this place is bigger AND a whole penny cheaper!!! I even managed to pick up a 30cm x 40cm canvas there which I turned into this...

 A lil idea I picked up off

What else is rocking my world?
Merlin & Misfits
My tigger hot water bottle
Halloween crafts (watch this space)
Olbas oil tissues

So what great things have happened to you this week, even if its a bad week, dig deep & it might make you feel a bit better, jin us over at Celtic House.


  1. OMG! I swear I squealed when I saw the crayons! That one is on my list to do too! Yours is AMAZING!

    Love that corset - I clicked. You are right! AWESOME! What a talented woman she is!

    And 9am? Please woman - you slept the day away! (Can you tell how jealous I am?? *g*)

    Have an amazing week K!

  2. Wow great knitting both machine & hand... I tried a machine once - bad results & I can't do the other either !

    What a GORGEOUS corset & fab crayon picture !

  3. Oh wow!!! As a total non-knitter (from a long line of talented knitters on both sides of the family) I am envious of your machine..
    Does your MIL make corsets to sell? Yours is awesome....sigh
    Great list too.
    Hugs xx

  4. What a brilliant Rocking post! The knitting machine is great - cute hat! The corset is FANTASTIC, what a clever MIL (I clicked and realised why you love the fabric so much, it's perfect for you!), and the crayon picture has to be my favourite - LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    A great week, hope you enjoy next week too.


  5. Fabulous post Sweetie, can't wait to see your creations with the knitting machine, I can't knit with needles managed a jumper when I was 14 wore it once, then played with my Mum's knitting machine some years later.

    The corset is awesome and I love the fabric!

    the crayon picture is fabulous too, what a great idea!

    Hope you are having a great week!




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