Friday, 7 October 2011

Rocking MY World Friday

Lifes been a bit busy lately, which I usually enjoy, so you get two weeks of positives this week as I havent been around :-)

First of all the comments I've been receiving lately on my blog have really rocked me world, they have been so supportive and raise my confidence .... than you all.

The way my lil family pull together when I'm ill - yet again the dreaded tummy bug is lurking in my house, 2nd time since school started, & I'm pretty crook with it. Kai's looked after me most of the day, tucking me in with ALL his blankets (he has a few) while I rest on the sofa. Zack has just popped upto the shops to get me some apples as they have that crisp clean taste that I need at the moment, he's also tried to keep Kai quiet when he came in to find me sound asleep.
& finally Ryan for doing Kai a lunch box so I wouldnt have to go near food while he was at work, for rubbing my back & grabbing warm flannels for me, & checking up on me even though its a jam packed day at work.

I have won 2 prizes this week, a metal borax tin that I already have plans how to alter, and a signed imbetweeners yearbook.

I was taken for my feet to be nibbled by fishes (belated birthday present), its a funny feeling but the fish seem to enjoy it & it left my feet feeling wonderful. Then it was off to the cinema for Rys brithday treat ... mmm, popcorn, coke & sci-fi, who could ask for more!

With the lovely warm weather we've had we had the chance to go to the beach. It was Kai's first time & he loved it. We splashed in the sea, made sandcastles & buried Zack. We had fish & chips on the beach, and collected sea shells. I'm sure you'll be seeing a scrapbook page on it very soon.

I have the crafting bug back and have even been making cards! I think my confidence in card making takes a beating when I look at all the other beautiful cards out there that people make, I just need to get it into my head that that isnt my style, my style is simple & without the "chintz".

So what have been your highlights of the week, how about sharing them with us, popping over to Celtic House to link up so we can come visit :-)


  1. Hi K

    So lovely to see you this week, loving the gratefuls even though some are linked with you being poorly - your sons both sound absolutely awesome and partner for sorting butty boxes out nothing worse than having to go near food when you are not well!

    The day at the seaside sounds wonderful, could do with clearing the cobwebs myself.

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend - hugs!

  2. I didn't realise you'd been ill, just thought you'd been quiet and had missed you.

    Great that you got to the beach when the weather was good, perfect place to be!

    I'm with you on the card making, just do what is right for you!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog recently, hope you are feeling better, Nicky x

  3. Sorry you're not feeling too good - sending hugs and sparkles.
    Your menfolk sound awesome - high fives for them!
    Mmmm - the fish're the first person I know who's had it done and commented positively. :)
    Totally agree re cards - I don't do cute and there are certain stamps that I wouldn't ever consider buying - other people make wondrous cards with them but they're not (and never will be) for me - just stick to your own style.
    Hugs xx

  4. Ooh, yukky tummy bug, poor you :o( Hope you are on the mend now. Well done to your fellas for looking after you.

    Your day at the sea side sounds lovely.

    Re crafting, you just keep doing what makes your heart sing - be true to yourself or you won't get any pleasure from it.

    Have a great weekend,


  5. sorry to hear you have been poorly K! I have been so busy too that I have hardly been online. Much love xx

  6. I love your cards K and I love your style. I go through a self doubting phase like that now and again> I have to seperate admiration from comparison. It gets blurry though sometimes!

    Sorry to hear you have been poorly but glad to see you have been well looked after! Can't wait to see what you get up to crafting wise :)



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