Friday, 21 October 2011

Rocking MY World Friday

Its suddenly got cold here this week, so cold that I was sitting in my house yesterday, fully dressed,  with the addition of 2 pairs of socks on (1 of which was a thermal pair), my dressing gowm, & my hat!(hat was quickly taken off before answering the door to postie) & I could still feel the cold. So the heating HAD to be turned on, not for long, but enough to warm the house through. This might sound a bit of a moan but I can assure you it isnt, why? because this cold weather means I can get my loooooong jumpers out, I can get my ironfist fuggs out & (now the heatings on) I can sit all cosily on dark evenings. I LOVE this time of year, the excited build up of both Halloween & Christmas, the dark evenings, & crisp cold sunny mornings.

My lads did my proud on tuesday - I had to got to A&E with a family member who, while passed out, thought it would be the done thing to wash her hair in the ceramic dog bowl but managed to cut her head open on it instead, doh!!! The men in the ambulance were lovely, & the majority of hospital staff we saw were fab. It was a long day, tiring day but when I returned home not only had the shopping that was delivered put away but also almost the entire house had been tidied & cleaned, including the washing up .... I may have to go to A&E more often! Erm, hopefully not.

I am also glad that said family member didnt have more serious injuries than it was - a blood clot (aka big lump) removed so the cut (about 4" wide, yes I did measure it ;-) could be sewn together & glued at the edges was more than enough thank you very much.

Today is the last day of school before the half term hols, hooray! I am soooo looking forward to a slow morning without having to tell Kai to hurray up or he'll be late, or getting cross with him because he'd rather stay in bed/play than get into his uniform, I am soooooo looking forward to trying a new craft out over the hols especially without having to clock watch.

Now I'm off to Celtic House to add my list to the other rockers & rockettes (nearly put rickettes then, eep!), hows about you join in with us.


  1. Love your list (apart from the trip to A&E obviously).
    Your boys sound wonderful.:) Well done them.
    Have a great half-term.
    Which new craft are you trying???
    Hugs xx

  2. The trip to A&E sounds awful, glad you got it sorted and how fantastic of your family to rally round at home! Can't ask for better than that now can you!

    Loving the autumn temperatures as well - boots out today - my favourite!

    Hope you have a great weekend



  3. Overcoming that trip to A&E must have been a challenge in itself - never mind having to keep it together for your family member - blimming marvellous missus!

    I know what you mean about the weather - heating went on here for the first time last night. Toasty toasty.

    Yes, am agreeing with Susie - what new craft is it?

    Have a fabulous week!

  4. Ugh, shame about the trip to A&E - hope the patient recovers soon. Top lads for sorting out the house while you were gone. I'm joining in with your half term cheer - I wonder what new craft you're going to be trying out.....? Sounds interesting.

    Have a great weekend,


  5. How fantastic to come home & find the jobs had been done ! The cut sounded awful. A friend popped into see me the other day & I was wearing my coat as I was chilly ! The heaing is on now !

  6. Wow, you are lucky to have men in your life who will do the tidying up...many are not so lucky! Sorry about the almost tragedy, but good thing is everyone is ok!

  7. hiya hun... what a week! We went to A & E and I wasn't as impressed as you! Hope all ok now with your family now. I still have my heating off (over 6 months now!) but I have turned the lounge fire on for the last 2 nights. Have a wonderful half term xxx



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