Friday, 14 October 2011

Rocking MY World Friday

Is it Friday already? Where on earth has the time gone this week, in the blink of an eye its the weekend ... oooo, my first positive on the list :-)

Next I have to say hoorah for being organised! We have bought all of Kai's presents for Christmas and know exactly what we're getting Zack as well as everyone else we have to buy for. We have also planned what pots of money its coming out of as well. We have found a few bargains this week, but I cant really comment on them incase the eldest decides to have a nosey here ;-x It is wonderful that we now have a Toys-r-us within walking distance though.  We've always had very little choice in toys in our area, limited to places such as Asda, Argos & a small entertainer, even Woolies went :-( But within the past year we've had a Smyths & recently a Toys-R-Us open up on the retail park meaning I can compare prices online & then go actually look at the toys to see if they're suitable, what size they are etc, maybe even use a voucher or two!!!!

While out bargain hunting with my Mom today she treated me to this......
...isnt it fab!!! Unfortunately the bats mixed in with the glitter had all landed before I could get a clear photo :-( Its also has a wind up music box with the key below, which plays Ding Dong the Witch is dead. It shall be taking pride of place in the centre of my display cabinet with my lil OOAK witch. She has also pre-ordered/bought me Inheritence, the final of the Eragon books that I've been waiting & waiting to read to finish the supposed trilogy that turned into a quadrology.

I am also very happy that I had no kiddies at home today & ... **goes to touch the wooden bedside table** ...we have finally cleared the house of the tummy bug. As anyone who read last weeks post knows Kai & I had got it, well on Tuesday Zack was sent home from school after being sick as well **holds head in hands** I was emotionally & Physically exhausted, especially after the palava we had to get through to get him home (We havent a car, school didnt want to put him in taxi or a bus, I was on way to get Kai from school, Ry was at work & was in charge of not only his store but all the stores in the district, we didnt want to expose family members who hadnt got the bug to the bug as it is horrendous etc etc etc). We did get him home though thanks to a lovely taxi driver who wasnt particularly well herself. After a few rants about it all my Father in law, sister in law & friend have all said not to be so silly, next time I'm to ring them, they'll pick him up, & not get so stressed out that they/their kids may catch it ... so its fab to know I have them to lean on at such times. np, I was ranting how stressed I was at the school, not about them not being able to pick him up.

So whats brightened your life just that lil bit more this week? Hows about joining in & linking up over at Celtic House with us :-)


  1. Well the best news has to be that it looks like (and I'm going to whisper this so I don't jinx anything) you've seen the back of that horrible tummy bug, it sounds really VILE!

    You have got Christmas SO sorted, woman! What are you like?! I would congratulate you but I'm too busy grinding my teeth with envy.

    Have a great weekend,


  2. Wow another whirlwind posting, glad you seem to finally be rid of the nasty tummy bug (to be said very quietly) - I'm so impressed you are so organised on the Christmas front - I mean honestly that's amazing!!!! Wish I was - ordered a few bits on line but that's about all at the moment!!!!

    I love your gift from your Mum - totally awesome - fantastic that it plays ding dong the witch is dead!!!!



  3. Tiny whispered *Yay!* That the dreadedbug seems to have left the premises. Honestly - I know schools have to be careful but I do think that sometimes their political correctness has gone just a tad to far. I remember when Phoebe got bit by a mosquito on her eyelid and it closed her eye up - she honestly looked like she'd been boxing. Anyway - tears and tantrums that she WANTED to go to school so in I go with tube of savlon saying please, please can you just rub a tiny bit on her eyelid throughout the day. Sorry no can do was the response. Not allowed to administer any medicine to children and especially not allowed to physically touch the children in that way. Not even with me standing there telling them to do it! She had to try and do it herself and even then I had to write a note saying I accepted responsibility if she rubbed it in her eye!!!???!!

    Love the Christmas organisation - we've finished Ruby, know what we are getting the others and I have a whole pile of survy vouchers to cash in. I do feel pleased with myself - just wish I had more stuff made because at the mo I have zero!

    Love the gift from your Mum. Haven't read that series of books but watched the film for the first time theother day.

    Have a lovely week K :)



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