Thursday, 1 December 2011

Journal Your Christmas - Day 1

This is my first year doing Shimelles JYC. I've decided to start by doing a daily blogpost based on the prompts to find my feet, then turn some of them into Scrapbook pages.

So lets get started.....
Why did I join Shimelles JYC?
I've made a few Christmas pages in the past and they are starting to threaten being repetitve so I'm after a few new ideas, a different perspective and to learn, while recording the fun we've had.

What will I be journalling about?
December is a busy magical month for us, theres making the house look magical with decorations and the traditions that go with it, school plays & events, making & writing christmas cards, visiting family, having friends visit, birthdays, celebrating Yule & then Christmas....all the way into New Year & Zacks birthday. I want to record these special times, record the smiles & fun we've had so my children can look back with their children, to remember & see how times have changed, as well as what stays the same. Its a time that appeals to all the senses, the smell of baking, the sounds of carols & laughter, the sight of lights a flickering, the taste of spices and the touch of wrapping paper, I want to get these across on the paper, in the words.

Hopefully from all this I can come up with a nicely worded manifesto


  1. will look forward to your blog posts

    Love Lesley x

  2. I know what you mean about Christmas pages threatening to become repetitive. Sometimes I can only tell one Christmas from the next by the age of the kids in the photos! It's my first year doing JYC too.



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