Tuesday, 2 February 2010


I was inspired to do the BY2010 February sketch by a sheet of 12x12 paper covered in dots, it looked just like bubbles to me, and Kai LOVES bubbles (or Bubbies as he used to call them) so I came up with this layout

Obviously, due to it being photos in the bath I've had to dot out a few areas to keep my sons modesty, until his 18th birthday anyway ;-D

As I had 2 sheets the same I cut out several of the dots and layered them up, varying the number of layers and what the height of the sticky pads I was using.


  1. cute cute cute!! Can't wait to start! I am so nosey I wanted to read your journalling!

  2. I love this!! The sketch made me think of bubbles and bathtime too - I have the perfect photos for that theme :-)



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