Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Talk of Change .....

I have to admit that I have been a little despondent about my blogs and my crafty pieces lately, lacking a bit of confidence, so I've decided to spend a little bit of time on them and try focusing my craft blog. So, starting monday, what have I got planned .......

Mondays are about food, something I've recently cooked, tried out, or a recipe I've come up with/tweaked. On occassion it'll be a recipe I want to try, or a display, such as a cake, that just wows me.

Tip Tuesday:
On Tuesdays I shall be giving away tips that have helped me out, or maybe a tutorial on crafting, and sometimes blogging.

Want to make Wednesdays:
An item, tutorial or some other inspiration I've seen that I want to make or try out.

Papercraft Thursday:
Maybe a card, a box or anything else created out of paper. Sometimes a tutorial, sometimes just showing off what I've made.

Free Choice Friday:
I dabble in a lot of crafts, On fridays I will post items that dont fit into other sections.

Scrapbook Saturday
A way to try & get me scrapbooking on a weekly basis, I have a LOT of photos, and am always adding to them so need to keep going at this, so not only is it motivational but also shows you what I've been upto.

Sewing Sunday:
I keep meaning to sew, wether its just repairs or make something new, I just dont get round to it so now I must ;)
Sundays will be about showing you what I've made, or where I've got up to. Sometimes it'll be a tutorial on how I made something, other times it could be showing what I want to make, or a free pattern I've found.

So thats the plan anyway, there will be other things included as well such as blog hops, or something linked to a specific occassion.

The layout is also going to change slightly, so what I'd like to know from you is what do you like to see on a blog? what do you hate (I really dislike having to type in verification codes, choose a profile etc when posting a comment, I'd like to post a comment, not jump through hoops!)?


  1. i hate verification too! I like big pictures and I don't like blinkies they detract my focus. I like vampires too, but thats not all that relevant haha!! :)

    This sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to see what you post! you should have lots of confidence, your makes are always amazing :) X

  2. Sounds great! I wonder if my blog could do with a little more structure actually! You've given me food for thought!!
    I like routine, so it would be good to see a list of the things you plan to do in a side bar on your blog - no details, just Mondays is ..., Tuesdays is ... etc, that way people will be able to see at a glance what type of subject will be covered in the next few days. Just a thought. Looking forward to it!

  3. Ditto to loathing verification! takes sooo long to leave multiple messages! great plans and looking forward to seeing the new look blog will keep you busy me thinks! Good luck xxx

  4. Great plan :-) It can really help to have a plan - just remember that it's flexible and it's your blog, you can do what you like with it :-)

    I agree about word verification! Also, I like posts with pictures (not necessarily every time, but too many in a row of just text just doesn't look as interesting). But if you're including food then all other rules go out the window anyway 'cos food is a winner every time!!

  5. Sounds fab K, you should never lack confidence in your craft work as it's always fanatastic, look back through your blog posts to remind yourself of what you've done xxx

  6. Oh my pet hate is music on blogs. My pc can't handle it so when a page opens with one of those music players, if I don't know it's there and don't scroll and pause it fast enough it freezes my whole system and I have to reboot! Aaargh! (I know, I know I need a new pc... am trying to win one!!! LOL!)

    I agree with everyone else about the word verification and Cals idea of the list down the side is good. I like that, it's why I have all my things I'm participating in down the side. It's a nudge to you as well as keeping us informed.

    Never ever feel down about what you make K, you are one of those people that I always go 'WOW' at. You are such an inspiring blogger!

  7. I seventh (because this is the 7th comment!) all that has been said. Look forward to seeing all these new things, I can't get enough of tips and 'stuff'. qwiksave x



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