Tuesday, 2 February 2010

BY2010 February Sketch

For details on BY2010 please look Here, but in short each month a sketch is posted on a blog of someone joining in with BY2010 to inspire everyone, anyone can then enter into a blog hop to show what they have come up with.

Well, this is the first sketch I have made, and it was inspired by a sheet of 12x12 I have (see here for more on this).

So without further a do heres februarys sketch to hopefully inspire and interpret in your own way

AND as an extra bonus, any one partaking, will be entered into a draw for the blog candy shown below, all you have to do is put you name on the McLinky below, post the BY2010 logo (at the top of this post) to your blog with a link back here, then on the 28th February take part in the blog hop (more details will be posted on the 26th Febraury) and post your layout from the sketch above before 11:00am GMT .... for all those who may still be in bed at that time, or cannot access a computer that morning I will post a tutorial on the 26th on how to set your blog automatically upload a post at a set time and date. You have until 11:00am GMT on the 26th February to sign up.I have done a couple of examples of how I've used the layout if you need a little bit more inspiration, just follow the links:


If anything isnt clear please just ask in the comments box, this is my first time doing anything like this so learning as I go along.


  1. Cool!! Thanks K sounds great, will linky everyone up tomorrow to it :)

  2. I have a question about huge circles like you have in your layout...

    Do you have a huge circle cutter, or do you just use a compass and cut them out? I'm seeing a lot of layouts using large circles and have wondered this a lot.

    Will try and use your layout for one of my wedding pages. Will need to get my thinking cap on and an order to snapfish again for smaller photos.

  3. Hi Sam, I use quite a few techniques, sometimes I use a knife and cut around plates, other times I'll print a pictue of a circle and cut just inside the line with scissors. I also have a fiskars circle cutter and a craft robo. HTH :)

  4. OOh I am the first to sign up! thanks K looking forward to using your fabby sketch xxx

  5. Have signed up. I'm really nervous about doing the next sketch :( I've got no imagination when it comes to creating new things. Any tips?

  6. I forgot to sign up in all the excitement!

    Sam - the sketches are for guidance, if you can't follow them exactly, or want to add more or less that is fine. Don't be nervous, there is no "wrong" way to do this :)

    I use circle cutters for my circles. However, you could use buttons, they are circular and would add something new to the page.

    The more pages you make, the more inventive you become I think.

    Maybe flip the sketch on its side, or eliminate the circles completely...it is totally up to you.

    Your first pages looked fab so don't be nervous. Just remember there is no such thing as "wrong" in art. Also, if YOU like your page then that's enough. You don't have to please anyone but yourself :)

  7. You could use confetti instead of the circles Sam, or flowers like the ones from your bouquette. Maybe the circles could be photos of the people who attended, and the 5 photos are of "Main" participants such as the bridesmaids, best man etc

  8. Ooops I feel like such a numpty - I worded my post so badly...

    What I actually meant was I worried about providing March's sketch! Any tips on that?

    Even so thanks for the fantastic tips anyway! I will use flowers I think.

    I have another question. What do you use for lettering?

    Do you have an endless supply of stickers/Die cuts or use a cuttlebug?

    I'm still sooo undecided about a cuttlebug. The only thing I want it for is alphabets.

    I have some alphabet stickers etc but I find that they are never the right colour or I run out of a letter and it's the one letter I need for my word and I always think if I had a cuttlebug I could cut them in any colour I want.

  9. Have a look round at other peoples sketches Sam, and then you could make your page first and then sketch it. I did mine in Microsoft Publisher but you could use any program your comfortable with, or even draw by hand & then scan/photograph it.

    I wish I had an endless supply of sticker letters, I do have a few I use, as well as rub ons and thickers. Its one of the reasons I wanted a craft robo, so I could cut my own out in any font I want. I also print straight onto the paper for Headings.

    Sometimes having the odd Random/different fonted/coloured letter looks pretty cool

  10. Love the sketch, and love how you've used it! I may not have time to join in this month but I will come back to the sketch when I get the chance :-)

  11. K, get your MIL to google for a local breeder. The lovely lady that gave me my poodle fur said she always felt so guilty for binning it once she had clipped them and I was welcome to go back in 8 weeks time when she clips the next lot! Even put a post up on Freecycle she might get lucky ;)

    Love this sketch - will have to get time to have a go.

  12. Aw definitely friends with the aliens too... not forgetting the mischievious pixies and leprechauns and unicorns and minotaurs and vengeful Gods and... and... I'm a bit peeved at them all for getting so popular if I'm honest but glad at the same time because there is more stuff to get my hands on ;)

  13. Reminder: blog hop Wednesday!



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