Tuesday, 2 February 2010


I turned the BY2010 sketch round on this one and altered it slightly.

The purple paper and stickers that I used for the border are from a pack I got from poundland ages ago called "classic". The green paper is by Le Crea Design.
The flowers I made from K & Co Elizabeth Brownd papers

The butterflies I was given as a gift and are made from wood and feathers. The yellow disappeared against the green paper so I inked one up with a couple of small ink pads.

The Journalling was done with Papyrus font (one of my favourites) and KR Butterfly font. I then went over the title with a purple archival pen.


  1. Ok a couple of questions.... did you do the printing on the computer for your journalling? Did you print it then cut the circle? How hard was that to judge? Next, what is an archival pen? Is it one that is safe to use near photos and is ok over years etc etc? Do I have to use one?(used normal ink pen on my 1st LO!?!)

  2. me again!
    meant to say that is an amazing looking LO with so much texture and depth. I cannot believe you made those flowers they are superb! How will you store that page now??

  3. Hope you don't mind me answering you questions...

    Furrypig, an archival pen is exactly what you said - it's safe (acid free) to use near photos.

    I've been using 'archival' pens etc as I hope that my scrapbooks will be passed down generations.

    Which reminds me, I must put names and places on my photos, even if it is obvious to me as my great grand children might not know who I am!

    K - love the Butterfly layout. I was planning my page last night. It's a double layout, so I might do one of each way around IYSWIM.

    Oh and thanks for answering my circle question.

  4. FURRY - I use Microsoft Publisher and create a page the same size as I want to use. By drawing on it a rectangle the size it is on my page I could work out how big I wanted the circle, which I did using the circle shape in there. I could then do a text box, so my writing and make sure all the words were inside the circle and to the right of the rectangle, then printed it. Does that make sense?

    Sams right about the archival pen, the ink should last longer than normal ink. You dont HAVE to use one, but it will last longer than normal pen ink if you do use it.

    As for storing, the way I made the flowers means they hold their shape slightly more than normal, though they will get squished a bit. I store my albums standing up and make sure the pages have room to breath (not be squashed)so they can be 3d, and also helps prevent their shape being embossed into the other pages.

    SAM - Love the sound of doing a 2 page mirrored layout, cant wait to see it.

  5. Thanks for all the answers K still a bit confused about how you do the journalling but then you know me a bit thick!

  6. How did I miss this layout before?! *doh!* It's fab, love the dimension of the flowers :-)



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