Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Old skool stash scrap blog hop

I've been recently quite ill and my brain has turned to mush, so I'm a bit late posting this properly, but here it is (I hope you think it was worth the wait)......

The background sheet is an acid and lignin free paper insert from an album sleeve, the plain lilac sheet (my camera would NOT pick up the true colours), and the pink swirls (yes, I've used pink!!!) on deep violet paper are both from the Tiger House birthday scrapbook kit I got from poundland probably in 2006. The tag I used to journal on was also from this kit.
The swirls in the background I did using a stencil and ink pad. I'm having to sit on my hands to stop adding some glitter or something to them but I want to keep it minimal so the photo stands out, not the swirls.

I decided to omit a title for once as I think the photo says more than words ever could.
All the papers date post 2007 & are papers I've just kind of ignored, they just havent called to me or anything so have sat neglected until today.
So now could you please hop along to the lovely Jackie at scrappyjacky and continue your journey. If your a little bit lost then those joining in are:


  1. Thanks Furry xx I'll try to, lol

  2. Well done for doing a challenge LO when you aren't well. Its a great one too!

  3. OMG !!!! K in curlers.. Now that surprised me !!!
    >>note to self ..on my next visit, turn up earlier than expected to catch curler girl lol ;O)
    Keep sitting on your hands... it looks fabby..... Of course get well soon goes without saying xx

  4. this is a fab layout! well done for posting it you gorgeous girlie!! XX

  5. Great layout...and very brave to show your curler pic....and great to be able to use up such old stash.
    Sorry you're a bit poorly...soon better I hope...but I'm pretty sure you're right that the original time set was 4pm.

  6. Hope you are feeling better soon... Great job on the LO!

  7. Great use of your stash! I love the swirls... goes well with the rollers photo! lol

  8. I love this page K! It's stunning. And you have no right to look that good in curlers! :P

  9. sorry forgot to leave a comment after you posted yout LO. It is fabby was the stencil from that great stall at the NEC??? I got one but haven't tried it out yet!

  10. Thanks for the lovely comments gals, I'm feeling much better now :)

    Choccy - haha, I'll have to try & remember not to plan on having my hair straight when your in the area :D

    Furry - yup, thats the stencil, I have other plans for it as well, such as using the disappearing ink pen to fill in the stencil & then stick gems along the lines.

  11. Love it :-) The swirls are great, well done for resisting the glitter! I agree, no title necessary...



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