Monday, 1 February 2010

Old skool stash

Kate challenged us over at Liberty cottage to use some of our old stash to make a card or layout, stash thats a few years old and has been stroked but not used.

Without flash on you cant see the lovely sparklyness of this card, but it does show the detail a little better. I used an off cut of embossed silver card and stuck crystals on into a flower shape. Around the edge I used double sided peel offs so I could sprinkle blue glitter on to match the crystals. I also used this method for the strip at the bottom of the card and the little flowers.

With the flash on the camera it shows up the shinyness a little bit more.

Now your finished here why dont you follow the blog hop trail and visit "Capture the Memories"

or if you've got a bit lost heres a list of all that are joining in:-


  1. bling bling! so was this stroked and not used stash or just sat around unloved and unused stash??

  2. That is really lovely!!! Thanks for playing K! X

  3. I've never even heard of double sided peeloffs! What a great way to use them :o)

  4. Ooh such a pretty, blingy card.

    Well Done on such a beautiful result x

  5. Beautiful card K, really gorgeous x

  6. Oh, likey muchly :-) Have you decided on the lucky recipient? x

  7. what a beautiful card :) It's been fun to journey down this blog hop and see everyone's old stash.

  8. So pretty! I have a thing for bling myself! :)

  9. I love that card. Great bling. I'm hopping a day late - hope you don't mind. That other hop also sounds fun & I love those examples. I'll have to give it some serious thought.

  10. Thanks for the lovely comments :)

    FURRY - its unloved stash, can I get an "ahhhhh" for it?

    CARMEN - They come in very handy but have only seen them sold on ebay & once in huge packs on QVC.

    HUMEL - Its been put into my spares atm, ready for when I need it.

    MARGIE - Hope you enjoyed your journey round, and a day late is better than not at all ;)



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