Saturday, 29 May 2010

Shadow box scrapping

I received 2 of these frames after Kai was born, but really didnt like the golden brown wood (the photo is rather flattering of it, it was much worse in reality), & couldnt think what to do with them. 3 years on & having made a few scrapbook pages I came across them again and decided they'd be fab to put some memories in, with the ability of being able to use more 3d items. I still didnt like the colour though :(

So out came the white satin paint (for the inside) and black spray paint (yes, almost everything here gets the black spray paint treatment). I then chose a baby style checked patternd paper, stitched along the lines to create more of a quilted design. I used this to cover the backboard.

I printed off photos of my childrens first scans and photos of them under 24 hours old. I used a precut border on the photos, raised by foam tape, and then raised the photos with foam tape again before fastening them to the back ground.
I used papercraft foam letters to spell their full names out next to the photos.
I played around a bit with the layout of the wrist/leg bands, I.D card and scan before fastening them down. I used a brad on the I.D to hide the hole already there.

Finally I added an embellishment on the corner of each, Zacks was off a congratulations card I received when he was born.

I also ensured that the 2 "pages" almost mirror'd each other.
Please excuse the masking of some of the written detail on the pages, but as I'm sure you understand putting someones full details on a blog, including full name, place of birth, date of birth etc is rather daft in this world of ID theft.


  1. Wow K these are stunning xxx

  2. they look great in the frames. Can I just ask are these now like box frames with a bit of depth in them so the embellishments etc etc don't get squished? I really want a 12x12 box frame so I can put up a scrap page and change it as and when. Fab work as always xxx

  3. This is a great idea!! I am now thinking of going up into the loft to look for the horrid frames tucked up there and having a play!!

  4. Really nice art. This things look really awesome. Wish i could have one of those frames for the photo of me and my fiancé.

  5. These are beautiful K, what a gorgeous idea :)

  6. Furrypig - yes, shadow frames are the same as box frames. Great idea of putting up a scrapbook page in one to display.



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