Friday, 21 May 2010

Altered shoes

As you have seen, I like altering shoes, and with the sun shining there are plenty of canvas shoes out in all different sorts of designs that are easy to create on.

These I got with the idea of making them match the dress I've just made to make it a bit more casual than with my heeled shoes that go with it.

By drawing around measuring cups and then painting with fabric paint I came up with these.....

But this isnt just a hobby for adults, kids love it as well..
And with pumps only costing about £1.50p (thats how much these cost) its a cheap craft for them that will keep them entertained on wet or dry days.
To make it even cheaper I let them use acrylic or poster paints, they stain them quite nicely, as many a school jumper sleeve will prove.

These are the shoes Kai (whose 3years old) altered himself.


  1. Wow !!! I love yours and Kais' shoes.
    I love the effect you have created by using the measuring cup ! and Kai will look fantastic in his designer shoes ;O)
    Well Done on being so creative hunny, you have a pair of stunning shoes there... Move over Jimmy Choo ;o) Choccy xxx

  2. I totally *adore* your shoes!! What a fab idea :-) Kai's are very cool too xx

  3. Hiya! Finally catching up with some blogs! What stylish shoes!! Obviously a multi-talented family!

  4. Fantastic transformations! (think I like yours best!) x

  5. Fantastic transformations! (think I like yours best!) x

  6. Blimey I've missed a few of your posts! Do you know, my very first blog post was about painting some Vans shoes I had won with fabric paint? I still wear them now though they have been slightly chewed by Cooper - I loves them I do.

    Yours are amazing as are Kai's. I've seen similar graffiti'd type shoes like his and they aren't cheap - the boy is an artiste!

    You have an award on my blog - I do hope you take up the challenge :P



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