Wednesday, 26 May 2010

How do I love thee?.....

............. Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
Your material can reach, when worn out at night
For the ends of the hem giving ideal grace.
I love thee to be worn of every day's .....

Ok, thats enough of me trashing Elizabeth Barrett Brownings work, but I do really like this dress
Unfortunately I cant remember where I found this image except that it was while googling, and have been trying to find the same fabric ever since.

Its just so ...... ME!!! I would love to make something similar, with the 1950's inspired halter net dress, corset style sides and Jack S material. That would make 1 fine summer dress!


  1. I could deffinately see you in that dress, it would look perfect, you have the figure to carry it off. How about some red jewellery and red altered shoes to go with it! I hope you have some luck in finding it again xx

  2. It certainly would :-) Hope you find that fabric! xx

  3. Oh wow, this is stunning, I too can see you in this dress x

  4. I was looking at that dress thinking 'that's just so K'!!! Hope all your dreams come true!

  5. Flourgirl - Haha, getting to know my style are you a bit, lol, not too obvious is it :D



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