Thursday, 6 May 2010

The big 30!

My internet now seems to be running a little smoother - actually, seeing that it wasnt working at all it is now running a lot smoother!

For todays Papercraft Thursday I would like to share with you some beautiful cards that some of my friends have made me for my birthday ... yes the big 30 :)

From top left
Paddington, Marg, Bunbun

Maroon one in the middle:
Made by my 2 sons, a cut out of a bat :)

From bottom left:
Rainmac, Furrypig and Choccy
The quality of the cards (as well as post-it note holder and magnetic peg from Rainmac) are all of a very high standard and I an honoured to be able to have them on display ..... thanks gals :) they truely made my day xx


  1. Hope you've had a wonderful day! My 30's were by far my best decade so enjoy every moment. x

  2. Happy birthday! The cards look lovely :-)

  3. Happy Birthday K I hope you have had a fantastic day, the big 30! Its my sons 34th birthday today too. Gorgeous cards xx

  4. Oooh glad you had a great day xxx

    Well im not 30 for 9 years so you will have to let me know what its like LOL

  5. happy birthday to you, fabulous cards x

  6. I hope you've had a great day. Your cards are lovely. Mine should arrive Thursday, apologies for being late as I couldn't get out yesterday to post it.

  7. Gorgeous cards. Happy birthday K! I love the bat :P

  8. Such fab cards, my fave is the bat one, how great are your boys!!!



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