Tuesday, 8 February 2011

New Table = Scrap Motivation

I am soooooo happy that I have a kitchen table to work on, it means I can get my scrapbook stuff out, or any other crafty items, without worrying about having to put it away so we can sit down & eat, or that the kids will knock a drink onto it etc. With this new found freedom I have been scrapping away happily

The journalling works as 2 seperate pages but the title and layout tie the 2 together. As I was mainly in the kitchen on christmas day I didnt get many photos but the internet & photos taken at a later date helped out.

I scuffed up the edges of the centre paper and inked them, this was to give a softer edge.
I have decided to try & start at the last photos of 2010 & work my way backwards ... as well as trying to keep upto date with any current piccies I take. Its a tall order but I can at least try.

On a different note my lounge is almost done, I need to sew the seat covers & a cover for the foot stool, as well as waiting for my curtains to arrive. I could do with some more large ornaments for the display cabinet, I'm thinking skulls, maybe a few gothical figurines or comic book ones, but these shall be collected in time (& when I have the money ;-) Soon as the majority is done I'll post piccies of before & after.


  1. love these pages!!! i work my way backwards usually and scrap "in the moment", then catch up on old photos as and when I have time. I think the "in the moment" pages and pages of recent pictures are my favourite ever pages, the memories are so much more alive! I made a page about the old job I left the day I left it and it is so awash with emotion, I know if I wrote it now looking back it would be fairly rose-tinted !

  2. Looking good, love the softer inked edges! x

  3. good to see you scrapping again, I really need to start not done anyting for over 2 months shock horror!



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