Sunday, 10 April 2011

Chinese red envelopes

Kai made chinese red envelopes to celebrate Chinese new Year at Pre-school; He also tried some chinese food as well.

My sister received an order where they used an oriental newspaper to wrap it in (There was no way I could tell if it was Chinese or Japanese), and let me have it. With a bit of aging it was perfect for this layout. Might look a bit weird to anyone who can actually read it though.

I downloaded a chinese looking font to do the journalling in & had a few oriental characters that I used on the red card. I scruffed up the page a little with some gold ink, and added black lines I'd cut off some left over peel off sheets.

Having made this I began to wonder what other countries might use for "British" pages, what stereotypes they might use or newspapers/books etc.


  1. Love this the colours and the writing and everything - wish my 10 year old would be as willing to try something different - he was faced with chicken extra mild fajita's tonight - you'd think the end of the world was nigh - I kid you not!



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