Friday, 15 April 2011

Rocking MY World Friday

I have to say I am Much happier this week, its amazing how down I can get when feeling ill. I'm not fully better yet, I have some rather painful, swollen lymph nodes in my throat, & am coughing a lot at night, but it has made me so greatful for the little things that I have been missing out on last week. I would like to say I'll never take breathing through my nose for granted again, though I'm sure I will, but it is WONDERFUL to be able to breath through my nose! I hate eating with my mouth open, and look really thick walking round with my mouth open (even a little bit) to breath.

Hooray for taste! I can taste again!! I had been smearing my food with grainy mustard, eating very salty or very sweet foods just to get a reaction from my taste buds when I eat, but now I can taste and am enjoying foods again, I even broke into my easter eggs ..... ooops, guess whose got to replace her cadburys creme eggs!!!

Hoorah for people who invented Paracetamol & ibrufen! These are really helping me keep going & remain chirpy :)

Its the Holidays, yay!!! I have been able to have the odd lie in & use my children as servants to fetch & carry my every whim .... well, no, my children are too strong willed for that but they have helped out upon occassion.

I am totally ROCKING my prize I won from Gauche Alchemy, & the speed that it arrived.
It was wrapped beautifully in part of a sewing pattern and lace. I spent about 15mins shaking the bags & peeking at the "treasure" before actually opening the bags to get a proper look & used one part immediately (see 2 birthdays, the material circle behind the little title button on the pink page).

Finally, & the ultimate ROCK of the week, my other half has done it again!!! He sold his xbox 360 to get me an ipad :-O He borrowed one from work to play with for the night, & bought it me the next day as I liked it so much. Its an early birthday present as he couldnt wait until the 6th May to give it to me. Its great to slip in my bag & take with me, to watch programmes on, play games etc etc etc. Anyone recommend any good apps? (these can be for the ipad or iphone as it accepts both).


  1. Oh what a lovely list - lucky you and the ipad - hurray for early birthday presents! Loving the over sized cadbury's egg - that made me smile! Hope you are feeling better soon!


  2. I do exactly the same thing when my kits come :D

    How gorgeous was that of hubby? Such a thoughtful thing to do!

  3. glad you are feeling better hope to 'see' you over the weekend. Gret kit and fabby hubby with an I pad! WOW!



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