Friday, 8 April 2011

Rocking MY World Friday

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I have to admit that when I'm feeling sooooooo ill, and getting limited help at home, its very hard to feel positive about anything. Its been a week now & though I know I'm a bit better I really am not getting my energy back, look appalling (yes, that is an issue for me), and manners have gone totally out the window, mainly so I can breath. So I'm digging deep here .....

My 1st point I didnt have to dig for though - My eldest, Zack, has been attending a club almost since he started secondary school last September, the club has split itself into 3 groups, his group sells cards and gift tags they make themselves, as well as stationary. They have to work out costs, their profit margin, target audience etc. They have won several awards in the area for this innitiative. At the end of the school year 1/2 the profit goes to charity, the rest is divide between everyone who attends the club. As the woman running the club is passing on the reins she decided to share the money out this week at a little party she organised for them  - they each got £7.50p, theres 14 club members making a total of £105 to charity.
They learn so much about business & handling money at the club, & to actually EARN the money is a huge boost to them, even if it is below minimum wage they all have so much fun doing it. I am so proud how he has stuck to this club and enjoys it.

Ooooooo, Competitions are DEFINATELY rocking my world, I won a prize over at Gauche Alchemy! Cant wait for it to arrive so I have new goodies to play with.

Mothers day, I was given a set of 36 papermania pens so I can write my journalling on my scrapbook pages without moaning that the colour doesnt go with the page, lol. I had a LOVELY Lamb roats cooked me, I love lamb, yum yum! Zack was sent out for supplies to the local shops but when he found they didnt have my fav drink (Pepsi) he took it upon himself to walk 20mins further in each direction to go to the shopping centre to get it. This is something he definately would not normally do.

Oooo, my Mom for buying me my flu meds & dropping them off with my other half while he was at work (its a half way between our houses) as he couldnt get out to get them.... & she got me Pepsi as well, :-D

Kai for making me laugh with his funny ways and comments, such as today he told me he wanted circles for lunch! I obliged by slicing up cucumbers, carrots and an apple, putting it with round crackers... then I had to do triangles for his cuddly toy cat, lol.

Finally whats Rocking MY World is Pepsi!!! I probably would have been a heap on the sofa if it wasnt for its lovely caffeineness, & the house would have fallen down around me.


  1. Can I just say what an absolute delight that post was to read - I'm so sorry that you've not been well - and truly hope that you've given the flu the heave ho - but your list is amazing - winning prizes, people going that extra length for you - it was all in there! Here's to digging deep on tough weeks hun! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend - I will be mainly - erm - going to work boo hoo!

  2. I know that feeling K - sounds a bit like what I had a few weeks ago so I am sending you huge hugs x x x

    I agree with Virginia, a fabulous list. Love Kai's circle lunch!

  3. Hope you start to feel yourself again very soon - Fab list of gratfuls tho - Your sons card/tag making thing sounds wonderful what an excellent way to help young people learn skills. Take care Janet

  4. Sorry to hear you've been feeling so poorly - sounds like you've got 2 top sons there to get you through it.

    Ahhhh, good mummy for making a circle lunch, and lucky mummy for having lamb roastie cooked for you - I had to cook the roastie on mother's day:0(

    Enjoy the sunshine this weekend,




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