Sunday, 17 April 2011

Alphanumeric Blog Hop

Welcome to the first Alphanumeric blog hop! If you've just dived in please hop on over to our Alpha leaders blog 'I Speak Melsh' to start from the very beginning, a very good place to start ...ooops, sorry, off track already, this is a blog hop about letters and numbers, not scales :-)
Its well worth joining us on the hop as Mel has a little competition over on her blog along with a prize .. do go & take a look.

You should have come over from 'Just Jim Jams' but if your a bit lost along the way there is a list at the end of this post with links to all participants.

So without further a do todays Blog post is brought to you by the letter 'U'

I decided to choose my usual choice of medium & go with scrapbooking. An easy task I thought, so many U words flowing through my mind & probably driving Mel a bit scatty with my odd emails full of U words - for example .....

"....I shall undertake the task of using u and utilize it to my utmost. I understand and shall wait upon your uttering’s of the upcoming unison of all our blogs when we shall unite in unison, a utopia of uncials
Until then, I bid you an unabashed, unceremonial, upbeat
aU revoir"

But then my brain blew a fuse & refused to work, it took me quite a time looking through photos before I came up with anything. When I finally did the synapses sparked quickly & I knew exactly what I wanted to do; And so I present to 'U'
"Everything Is Fun With 'U'"

Its the first kind of grunge style I've tried (is that what its called? or do the cool scrap cats have another name for it?) and something I want to do more of while playing with different techniques.

I started off with the photos and the idea of corrugated card to reflect the boxes, then I found the brown sheet to back it onto & decided to get the paints out & do some textures. These were simply done with lace, a cut out border & that holey plastic stuff (see, I'm full of technical terms, lol), a thick brush to stipple with and a piece of card.

I added letters for the title from various sets to keep up the messy feel but drew round them in black pen to not only make them stand out more, to conform them a little more to each other and the page.
To finish I mounted it all on a green sheet to again make the letters a bit more uniform.
Thank you for joining me in working with the letter U, your next stop is ' I see it'
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  1. Such unique "U" words all through this post - great job. I really like that cute layout; so typical of kids to want to play in the boxes! LOL

  2. U are so clever - love the grunge look you achieved

  3. Love your "U" words, but it's the scrapbook page that takes center stage! Love it!

  4. Brilliant layout!
    U did really well. Love the grunge effect!

  5. What a great page love the photos and the messing around with grunge has really worked well.

  6. Love "U'r" page - isn't it funny how little ones always love a box!!

  7. U've done a great job here! Thank U so much for being part of my hop, I love how U've done this, and U're layout is Utterly brilliant :-)

  8. Ur post is luvly & I luv how you put u r here in the blog list!

  9. I'd call it an eclectic style.
    I think this is my first time on your blog -- very nice! I'll check it out further.

  10. I love the grunge look of your layout :) U did a fabUlous job!

  11. U r Unique K! Fantastic post and I love all the different paint affects on that page and really must venture into trying some new techniques xxx

  12. Love the 'U' words in your email to Mel, great page :)

  13. Great page, love the corrugated card and paint effects:)
    Fiona x

  14. Love how you created the title with a mix of letters.

  15. U certainly made an impression on me with this fantastic page! Love it. Happy Hopping today K..

  16. Wonderful job on this post! love the layout!

  17. Love that grunge style K, well done for trying it - its fantabUlous! x

  18. Clever post, and that is such a cute layout.

  19. bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard make the BEST textures! Great layout.

  20. U did great, love the layout!

  21. U clever thing...U certainly got the whole grunge style down pat!! Gtear post & st-U-nning LO!!! Sandi :)

  22. sUper layoUt - gorgeoUs techniqUes!

  23. Well done, great page! :-)

  24. What a cute scrapbook page and great job of incorporating the letter "U" in it! :)

  25. That's a great layout - so much dimension and the cardboard is perfect. Love it!

  26. REally cute page! You did a great job with a tough letter.

  27. Love your page - I cannot do that sort of look - I am far to neat and tidy!

  28. I love theut, grungey is one of my faves. Love your 'U'words.Just catching up as I have been away since the hop

  29. Just catching up on the hop - great grunge layout and concept :)



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