Friday, 1 April 2011

Rocking MY World Friday

Its Friday again, yay!! I've never grown out of that friday feeling, even when the weekend hasnt started on a friday night for me. So I'm linking up with Virginia at Celtic House again for Rocking Your World Friday.

This week started off with a kiddie party at my SILs for my niece, close family only and it was an utter scream, so much fun. Pass the parcel, pinata, musical statues, and a right royal feast.
I made a computer desk for the kids out of an old kitchen worktop and a fish tank stand/cabinet, it tidied up our back hallway, gave the kids somewhere to use the computer, and I'm very proud of how it turned out.

Kai has been ill this week with a v.bad cough & cold. Each day, at around 3, he's gone very tired, had a nap, and woken up with a high temperature - strange thing, I know, to put in a list of positives, but when he's like this all he wants is me, which makes me feel very special. (I've tried giving him calpol before hand but this wakes him up and he takes the nap later, so calpol when he wakes it is :)
Wednesday was Kai's birthday & not only did he have a good day but we also seem to have got it right with all the things we got him, woohoo!!
As part of Kai's birthday we all took a trip to Sealife Birmingham.... not only was it a fun day for all of us but I'm also quite proud of myself for being able to get around Brum town centre. As a college student I'd go up about once a month shopping or just hanging round with friends so in a way its still a fairly familiar place.

& finally, Ryan, my other half, took this week off, & though he has spent time playing games and watching movies as usual, he has also spent more time than usual helping me out & playing with the kids. I feel we have reconnected a bit, we're a good couple normally but as many of you can probably relate to, over time (almost 9 years) we can take each other a bit for granted at times and have lost a bit of the romance.


  1. K a gorgeous list this week - beautiful - hope Kai is feeling a little better - glad you managed to enjoy his birthday - the SIL's party looks seriously good fun.

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend!


  2. Lovely post K - I can relate to the last bit as we are coming up 9 years too. You love them to bits but it's nice to know it's reciprocated now and again :)

    Love Kai's hat! And well done on the Birmingham Sealife!

  3. Happy belated birthday to little Kai - what a cutey he looks. The party at your SIL's looks fun - I love pinata's!

    Hope all the germs clear off soon.



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