Saturday, 14 May 2011

Eek Pie

This pie is a great way to use up left over meat, I make one most mondays to use up the roast left overs. & dont let the name put you off, the main ingredient is Leeks which Kai calls "Eeks"

Glug Oil
500g leeks - chopped
2 veg stock cubes (make up with 2pints water)
2tbsp plain flour (heaped)
1 sheet puff pastry
egg or milk to glaze
Left over meat
2tbsp creme freche/cream/yogurt (heaped)
Pepper (optional)

Add the glug of oil to the saucepan & follow with the leeks. give a quick fry & then turn the temperature down to simmer with the lid on. Leave it to simmer for 30mins, stirring every 5-10 mins to stop it from catching.

Take off the heat & sprinkle the flour over the leeks before stirring in. Add the stock, meat, pepper and creme freche (or which ever you choose) & stir. At this stage you can also add any other veg, herbs etc that you want. Put back on the heat until it boils.

Remove from the heat & strain the juices into another saucepan - this can then be reheated later as gravy &/or soup.

Put the mixture thats in the strainer into a pie/pyrex dish and cover with the puff pastry - you can then tuck in the edges, or cut to fit. Brush over milk or egg & put into the oven - 190°C/375°F/gas 5 for about 30mins, checking towards the end of the cooking time to ensure  the pastry is golden but not going too dark.

Serve up and add the reheated "gravy".

Mmmm, creamy leek soup.

I have tried this so far with bacon, ham, and chicken so far, the ham one being the favourite of my family, but all enjoyed. Its also a fab way to get vegetables into them :)
Altering the type of stock also varies the taste enourmously, This week I boiled the chicken bones & used the stock from them giving the pie a strong chicken taste that almost hide the leek taste.

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  1. This sounds yummy, I did wonder at the name until I read on! Thanks for sharing K :)



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