Monday, 9 May 2011

My lovely birthday cards

I received some beautiful cards this year, the highlights as always were the handmade ones.

I think its becoming a running joke with Ruth (aka Furrypig) that she uses pink on my birthday card ... coz I dont generally like pink! But how can I dislike something covered in skulls & so nicely made!
The digi stamp, kindly bought with me in mind :-) has actually inspired me, so watch this space & at somepoint there will be cupcakes with skulls on.
I openly tell Sarah (aka Rainmac) that I am envious of her coordinative skills ... there is no way I would of thought to put these patterned papers together, the ribbons etc, she just has an eye for it.

Debbie (aka Padster) sent me a card with her trademark image on it ... a Teddy :-)
I really like the embossed squared pattern used ontop of a tiled background.

& last but certainly not least Toni (aka OAP1945) sent me this beautiful monochrome card. That ribbon is beautiful (I'd love some for in my hair, lol) & I really like how she highlighted the embossd image at the front with (I'm guessing) chalks. It highlights the embossed images lovely.

Thank you gals, its the time & effort put into handmade items such as these that makes my birthday feel special :-)


  1. Gorgeous cards K, I love the pink and black skull card, it's brilliant x

  2. Receiving handmade birthday cards is a lovely feeling isn't it? I love the pink and black one, it's fab! :)



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