Friday, 6 May 2011

Rocking My World Friday

Join in at Celtic House.
There was no way I couldnt do a post this week as its been such a fab one.

First of all I have to say a HUGE thank you to my internet based friends that have been supportive of me lately as I strive to tackle my social anxiety & Agoraphobia. They have truely rocked my world this week with their openess, and kind words.

My other half has been off this week & though hasnt helped out round the house (tut tut) he has been very supportive & got me to chill out a bit, its been lovely to have time with him.

Being able to re-use 2 beds has been totally rocking my world, I have been turning them into other things & thoroughly enjoyed it .... not finished yet but I shall be blogging about it when I have, maybe a week long special.

I'm a bit of a lazy bod, well, not lazy as such but I usually much prefer not to exercise, but having started doing coach to 5k while actually in the middle of the jog/walking I am really enjoying it & its giving me a real sense of satisfaction. 

Oh & my Postie has rocked my world (minds out the gutter please!). On the other side of my estate to my home I was on my way to get Kai, my postie saw me while doing her round & said she'd got some parcels for me but I had been out, would someone be in so she could bring them round soon as she'd done the rest of the houses. Ry had just walked home so yep, someone was definately in.
She dropped them off while I was walking Kai back, and gave an enthusiastic wave & a smile as she drove past us. OH was very happy as she called him beautiful, I kept quiet thats one of the things she calls everyone.
Half an hour later, another parcel drops through the door & we see her walking back to her van ... it was very obviously a birthday present as it was covered in "Happy Birthday" (thank you fluffy :-) so she must not have wanted me to miss out. I've got an email addy from the lovely people @RoyalMail on twitter so I can send a compliment email to them saying how nice our postie is .... well most people are quick enough to complain, I like to balance it out with a well done.

Its my birthday today, yay! & I've received some beautiful cards (which I shall blog this weekend) and lovely presents. I have been thoroughly spoilt & have had a lovely day ....

Now wont you all join me for a bit of virtual birthday choccy cake? Its calorie free :-)


  1. glad you have had a good day. Not sure I want any cake as to be honest it looks a wee bit scarey!! lol

  2. Oh my word that cake is AMAZING!

    Happy Birthday - I can't believe I forgot - did you tell me? I bet you did and I forgot! Aaaargh!

    Our postie is like that - I never think to email RM and sing his praises but I always get him a big box of choccies at Christmas and make sure it goes to him and not a temp :P

  3. Ah hun - happy birthday - I was also rather pleased with Royal Mail this week - so that makes two of us!

    Loving the calorie free cake LOL!

    Glad you're getting plenty of support as well - nothing better than family and friends for helping on that front!

    Hope you have a truly beautiful and blessed weekend



  4. Nom, nom, nom! Calorie free cake is tasty! Many Happy returns K, hope you had a lovely day :)



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