Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday

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My table is filled with multiple projects today to try & get myself to actually get some finished!!!

The upturned swivel chair at the back left is waiting to be covered with the foam & the red material, unfortunately my staple gun is not strong enough to go through the plastic so I shall have to hand sew a drawstring to attach the material.

The sewing machine, red fabric by it & the wood thats on it & you can see leaning against the table on the left is for another project I'm working on for our bedroom .... all will be revealed next week.

The sewing machine is also to make the table cloth smaller (its actually a bed but it was the exact colour I was after) & to use any excess material (including the packet you can just about see on the radiator) to make curtains & cushion covers for the kitchen. The cushions will be made out of the cot foam matress you can see leaning against the left of the table.

FINALLY the scrapbooks are open for me to make sure they're in order as well as adding plastic wallets with little pieces of paper saying which photos should go on that page (my albums are in chronological order). I'm hoping this will cut down on me having to open them up to add new pages. I know D-ring albums would make this far easier but I havent got any & beggers can not be choosers.

Oh & yes, though my fruit bowl has moved off the table onto my recycling draws some of it is still in the bags as usual :-)


  1. Oh I know what you mean on the D ring albums - I too am a chronological girl which would be great if I crafted in a chronological order but no I hop about in my general madness and then have to have a mass catch up dismantling albums and reassembling! You sound like you are incredibly busy at the moment! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  2. Im not that organised when it comes to things like that mad and messy me!Glad it works for you.
    Happy Creative wednesday
    hugs judex 8

  3. you have lots on the go - have a great day.

  4. Very industrious desk there and so much to do! hope you get it all done :) thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl no. 24

  5. One busy lady...! Looks organised so I'm sure it will all be on show soon.

    Thanks for sharing today,

    Sarah at 5

  6. love your grey storage unit, Thank you for sharing. Happy WOYWW 101! Not long left to the anniversary on WOYWW 104 and the PIF, all the best. #2

  7. I thought the mattress was to be a new headboard, so now I have no clue as to what you may be doing for the bedroom. I can see that you plan to be busy though. And I bet you set an excellent example and get it all done!

  8. SO much going on... is the bed what you were using pliers as a hammer for? Or was that the chair? Or were you taking frustrations out on the scrapbook?



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