Saturday, 14 January 2012

12 goals for 2012

I've snagged this idea from Ruth, who snagged it off someone else ....

So here are my 12 goals for 2012 (along with a bit of waffling & explanation :-)
1. Lose weight.
My motivation is a photo my MIL took of me that I hate..
gah, cant believe I'm putting this up here, ah well, we'll call it extra motivation.
You can see my double chin, flabby arms, big thighs... I know an hour glass shape is meant to be sexy but when you have an  hour glass shape from the side view as well its not a good look.
My measurable target is either to fit into the red dress I wore when I got engaged, or lose a stone, maybe even both.

2. Exercise at least once a week.
My motivation is again, the picture above, toning up is needed, I also want to feel healthier & be able to do more
My measurable target is to do at least 20minutes of extra exercise a week, this will be counted as anything out of my normal routine that is physically exerting enough to bring on a sweat, raises heart rate & makes it hard to talk.

3. Get ebaying
My motivation is the items I can buy with the money raised, we need a new oven as mines wearing out, its Ryans big 30 this year & our 10 year anniversary, our garden fence also needs replacing ....... and of course there's always new craft products on the market and new things to try.
My measurable target is to have a new fence paid for out of ebay money.

4. Clear my roof
My motivation is my dislike of clutter, and the embarrassment of when people come into do maintenance or checks that its full **blush**
My measurable target is to have 1/4 of the roof clear by the end of the year, this does not include moving items around. Most of the stuff I hope to ebay off.

5. Finish Scrapbooking 2010
My motivation is that I started off so well last year doing this until about 1/2 way through the year, my memory is also awful so memories are slipping away so I want to get them recorded.
My measurable target is to have all 12 months of 2010 scrapped.

6. Scrapbook 2011
My motivation is similar to above, memories fading etc etc
My measurable target is to have all 12 months of 2011 scrapped .... this is a lot of scrapbooking!

7. Blogging
My motivation is my enjoyment of blogging, and even more so, my enjoyment of reading YOUR comments.
My measurable target is to have at least 1 blog post written per week, rain or shine, migraine or non, busy or  not I aim to have it done.

8. Out and about
My motivation is to stop my social anxiety affecting my life, it does rule it quite considerably & though I'm seeking help with it it primarily comes down to ME to fix it.
My measurable target is to join a club, catch a bus, a train, take the kids out to an event/activity with just me, and go somewhere I havent been to before.

9. Career
My motivation - Kai is now at school and  I'm in my 30's I not only need to think about what career path I want to take, how to get there and DO something about it, before I'm passed my prime.
My measurable target will be to research a career and make steps towards getting there.

10. Cards
My motivation is the mad rush I used to get into last year to get cards finished, this year I want to get ahead with them
My measurable target is to have cards ready at least a week before the upcoming birthday/event.

11. Extra income
My motivation is rarely having free spending money to treat us or get something we want.I'm going to do this by filling in surveys, using vouchers, cashback sites & entering competitions. Possibly even selling my own crafty makes.
My measurable target will be to raise £100 or equivalent in goods.

12. Debt free
My motivation is similar others I've mentioned to do with lack of cash.
My measurable target is to not be in our overdrafts, pay off our loan & have nothing on the catalogue.
So those are my 12 targets, I'll keep you up to date each month on how I'm getting along
What are your goals for 2012?
If you fancy joining in & blog your 12 goals for 2012 please leave a link in the comments so I can come have a nosey :-)


  1. Some surprises there K - but a good mix of healthy, wealthy & wise :o)
    Best of luck with achieving each and every one!

  2. What a good list, best of luck with them. As you may have seen on my post, I like the curvy look too, not that I have any choice, lol. I like the idea of making the goals measurable too. xx

  3. ooh fabby post! I think you are lucky not to have a big flabby tummy and 5 double chins like me! I look forward to seeing your progress xxx

  4. I would be very happy to help you with number 8

  5. Wishing you every success - and achieving these this year looks as if it will make an immeasurable difference to the start of next year. Cheering you on here!

  6. Yay! Selling your own work is a great idea - though it needs a bit of slog to get started...
    I'd be happy to point you at info for an Etsy shop - or equivalent - if/when you make some stock that you want to sell.
    Good luck with the Goals. A much better idea than "Resolutions", which are - let's face it - almost always broken and given up on by the end of January!



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