Monday, 16 January 2012

PIFs in 2011

A long long time ago, in January 2011, I signed up for a Pay It Forward. I sent a lot of these out in December with a christmassy theme

 I made these lil robin hairclips out of felt, carefully sewing them together. The beaks cover the end of the clips
 Being late they were a bit of a pain to take photos of but heres one I made for myself.
I also made this Jack Skellington christmas ornament from felt for Carmen, I think he makes a lovely, cheerful Santa & I am so glad she liked him so much.


  1. I do love him very much :)

    Is that you all caught up then? You put me to shame! I'll have to get cracking!

  2. I'm not surprised that she loved him so much - he's gorgeous! I'd forgotten about all those PIF last year, I kind of missed the boat on that one - wonder if it'll do the rounds again this year?

  3. Very creative K
    We love Jack here too, but not sure I'd want him on my Xmas tree! DD wanted her school to do Nightmare Before Christmas as the school production this year ... they've gone for Oliver! :o(

  4. oooh I love the robins can I buy one pretty please????

  5. Oh I love them all!!! Big felt lover and have I mug hugs to do and zillion other things to make in felt

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those robins... they are soooo cute :)



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