Friday, 20 January 2012

Rocking MY World Friday

Hi everyone, phew, what a week! By the end of Monday I already felt like it should be Thursday.

Monday morning I attended Party Crafts, a family learning course at my local primary school. It caught my eye in the weekly school newsletter purely because it said "crafts" so I though hey ho, push myself forward & go join. Its a 2hour session where we make things for parties, half way through our children (Kai in my case) get to come along and join in. I'll show you what we made this week tomorrow. Its a small group, no more than 14 adults can join due to space, safety etc, who seem nice, though there's a bit of a click at the moment due to some of them attending a different course last term together. There's even a woman who went to school with my brother & kind of remembered me (she initially asked if I'd lived near her as a child as she recognised me). **Its a small world after all** It was lovely to listen to adult chatter, to do something structured with Kai that I hadnt organised, & to feel a warm glow of pride afterwards that I'd managed to push myself into a situation I was certainly not comfortable with & had caused panic attacks the night before.

That afternoon I had a phone call off Zacks school, which started off with "he's ok but we think he needs a trip to A&E". One of his friends passed his bag to him by throwing it, the zip, or similar, had caught his cheek below his eye making a rather deep cut. Though it wasn't pouring with blood it wouldnt fully scab over so was weeping blood. It was also very swollen and a lovely shiner of a bruise developing underneath.
So why is this in my positives? Because my MIL was home & able to give us a lift, as well as offering support & being chatty. Because it only needed a couple of butterfly stitches (4 in total, but 2 were used to hold the initial 2 in place) and wasn't worse. And finally because there were barely anyone in front of us in the queue at A&E meaning we got home within 2 hours, as we were leaving the waiting room was suddenly very busy. I do wonder if this was because it was by then just after the kids had finished school & accidents were occuring on the way home or people were arriving with things that had happened at school that teachers hadnt thought needed an A&E visit but parents thought were.

Boots 75% off sale! woohoo!!! Wednesday morning I checked the boots website as I wasnt going shopping that day but knew the boots 75% off sale was due soon & didnt want to miss it. There was the "75% off instore only" sign, changed from the previous "50% off instore only". With a woop, a surge of adrenaline & excitement I quickly got dressed, & enthusiastically hurried Kai up so he'd be in school on time & at the front of the queue that always forms to get in through the reception class doors.
I bought £240 worth of stuff for £60. All of it presents which will be spread through out the year. It doesnt really alter my present budget, but means I can buy a much bigger present for so much less.

Weightloss - yesterday I was weighed & had lost a further 2lbs, yay! I'm not too impressed that I think this may be from my top half but a loss is a loss and I shall keep on going (excuse the pun ;-)

My blog followers - I get such great support & advice off my followers - you guys are GREAT!!!

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  1. Ooooh well done on you pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, never easy, but sounds like a great thing to be doing :) Glad to read your son had only a minor incident (did you know that you can go to your local pharmacy for that kind of injury. You do have to pay for the strips but they can administer the first aid....... Saves even more time and often avoids A&E) Damn can't get near Boots today and bet ours has been cleared out......

  2. A busy week by the sound of things! That party crafts thing sounds kind of fun – do try to stick with it despite the “clicky” ladies, they’ll open up soon enough. I hope your young chap wasn’t too upset by his trip to the hospital (if he is anything like my kids he probably thought it was a bit of an adventure :) ). And well done on the weight loss and your bargains in the sales :)

  3. WTG with stretching your boundaries.
    Sounds like a busy week with its' fair share of ups and downs.
    Missed the Boots sale..well done on your present buying.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. looking forward to seeing what you made on the course.

  4. K

    so proud of you for pushing your comfort boundaries a little more.

    Hope Zach is OK now

    Excellent bargain hunting by the way too.

    Will e-mail you over the weekend for a longer catch up

    Love Lesley xx

  5. Loving the fact you managed to push yourself on the comfort zone side of things - can't wait to see what you created, such precious time between Mother and child - something to be cherished!

    Loving the bargain hunting WTG you for sorting presents in advance, I used to do this a long time ago - not sure why I stopped - think life got in the way LOL.

    I'm glad it was only a minor accident and that you got it sorted quickly WTG to your MIL for helping out at the time and I'm glad there wasn't much of a queue at A&E - hoping the recovery is well on its way.

    Have a great weekend


  6. I hate that " It may be nothing but I think a trip to the A & E...." they did this with Joe when he was at primary & broke his wrist at school... they KNEW I don't drive & dumped him on my doorstep with a shrug & yes probably a trip to hospital might be a good idea ! I was furious - they'd brought him home & could easily have driven him & me to the local hospital !

    Well done on going to the craft session & surviving the cliques & enjoying yourself !
    I did well last year with Boots Sanctuary range.

  7. Glad that it was such a positive experience, the class! and sorry about the A and E trip :(. You are clearly good at bargain hunting! and congrats on the 2lbs less.

  8. Well done for going to the class - it will get better - next week you'll be an old hand! Hope Zak recovers soon! I'm hoping that Boots has some stuff left on my way in to work tomorrow ... not holding my breath after all this time though!

  9. 'Clicky' groups drive me mad, I've experienced a few - why don't they realise that it would be a REALLY NICE THING TO DO to be more open and invite you into their conversation? Well done you for going. Good news that your MIL could help out - I'm sure she was pleased to do so. 2lbs is 2lbs (almost a bag of sugar, and that's quite heavy actually), and it's 2lbs OFF - well done!

    Have a great week,


  10. Well done K. I can say, hand on heart you are braver than me. I would not join anything like that here. Just couldn't do it.

    Poor Kai. But thank goodness, it wasn't a bit higher.

    Well done on the weight loss too. Mine comes off my bum and it goes flat. I hate it - I'd love a peachy bum!

  11. The party crafts sound great fun, I used to love doing the family learning stuff at school we got to do all sorts including decorating thorntons choc advent calendars!
    Glad your son is ok after his accident at school, its always worrying when the school phones!
    The Boots sale sounds good do they do that in all their stores, I bet I have missed it now!
    Hope you have a great week x



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