Sunday, 22 January 2012

Just one sketch

I've dedicated this weekend to following Miss Smiths prompts from Just on Sketch.

So I have initially looked at my favourite pages....
Baby Blues
I like the simplicity of this page, the central photo with the space around it. I also like the pale back ground making the other colours stand out, and the border around the edge. I like how the title & journalling are as important if not more than important as the photo.

Rub a dub dub
On this page I like the pale background (ooo, maybe a theme here!), the left strip for the writing, and the movement in the splash. I like how theres plenty of space to write my journalling & its just as important as the photos

In this one I like the layers, and how the white words make a border (I seem to like borders then)

We have another pale background here & I like the horizontal lines. The story is yet again given as much significance on the page as the photos.

Every thing is fun with "U"
I like the texture on this page, the layering up on images, paint, letters etc.

Hide & sleep
On this page I yet again like how the title & journalling are as important, if not more than the rest of the page. I like the 3dness of the shirts, buttons etc & I like the layering. I like the initial straight lines which are then blurred slightly by the embellishments.

So, in summary, the things that usually make me like my pages style are.....

  • Pale background sheets
  • Borders
  • straights axis (predominantly horizontal)
  • a space for both journalling & title that make them clear and stand out.
  • texture & 3d
  • layers
Join me tomorrow as I look at making a sketch encompassing these ideas; until then, can you spot any other similarities in these layouts?


  1. ooh cool! I need to do this so might try this evening otherwise I will be getting behind in class!

  2. I love the idea of looking back at your work and spotting themes. I love the themes you've spotted too.
    Can't wait to see the sketch you come up with.
    Hugs xx

  3. What great pages, I can see why they are your faves. One thing I spotted was there seemed to be quite a lot of blue. x

  4. Blue blue blue
    Lovely pages K - I must get started on this course - the lack of auto prompts means I keep forgetting about it - good job some people I subscribe to in Google Reader are doing the course or it would have dropped off my radar completely!

  5. They are all so different that I didn't realise they were all yours to begin with. Lots of blue, that was the link that stuck out for me.



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