Friday, 13 January 2012

Rocking MY World Friday

Well hello there! I know, I know, I've been a tad absent this week, phew, its a busy ol' time of year, trying to get everything sorted and back on track after the end of year celebrations etc .... add in the odd stress head aka mind numbing migraines = K staying away from the lappy. But I'm back and better than ever .... well, one can always hope.

So, my positives, my first weigh in! I was weighed on the 5th Jan at 10st 3&1/2lb - lighter than I expected, I thought I would be over 10&1/2 stone. Today I weighed in at 10stone exactly, woohoo!! This was all from adding more fruit & veg into my diet & cutting out more of the carp (please not, that IS carp, NOT a typo for carbs). Next week I'll be adding a bit of Zumba-ing into the mix as well.

Cheap christmas decorations & shopping with my Mom - While putting the Christmas decorations away I'd first sit in the room I was about to de-xmas and see if we need anything added. While taking the decorations down I'd fix anything that needed fixing, and make a note of anything I couldn't fix. While out shopping I've been picking up replacement decorations dirt cheap. And shopping with my Mom means that if there's something a bit too pricey I can go "MmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoOooooOoom" in that up & down way kiddies get :-) Sometimes, just sometimes it works, like yesterday when I got some stunning metal pressie-outline decorations, I'd need 2 packs but was only willing to pay the price of 1 pack, so my lovely Mom paid for them for me, yay!

Talking of kiddies, mine have settled back into school nicely after the hols ... I however am struggling with the early, fast paced mornings but I'm sure I'll be used it just in time for the next holidays.

Having a good general ingredients stock pile so that when Zack brings me a list of ingredients last night for a recipe he's making at school I have everything needed, woohoo!

Whats made your week that lil bit better? Join us over at Celtic House.


  1. That's a full on busy week - glad the migraines have gone and that you're able to get back on your PC. I must admit I'm still trying to get into the swing of things post Christmas and big hoorays for Mummies! How organised are you thinking ahead for next year, mine were lucky to end up back in a box before being thrust back into the loft LOL!

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend.


  2. Well done you with that weight loss - must admit that my post Christmas diet doesn't seem to have started yet :)

    Rock on! :)

  3. hiya hun glad to see you back blogging! I am meant to be trying a bit harder to be a healthy eater but can't be bothered at the moment too much ging on and all a bit stressy tho god news is my dad is home! Must catch up with u soon xxx

  4. Hello, I'm a new rockette (or Rocket or newt who knows). Congratulations on getting through Christmas and not piling on the pounds :) with a toddler in tow and some added stresses I officially don't care about weight at the moment........ Hurrah for muuuuuuuummmmmmmms to ;)

  5. I commend you for your vigilance in organizing your holiday items. I WANT to be like that each year, but sadly I'm so burnt out on the holidays by January I end up jamming everything in boxes willy-nilly. I will pay the price next year!

    I need to make some food changes too. My stomach has been feeling yucky all through the holidays and beyond. Must put some thought into that.

    Have a great week moving forward!

  6. Well done on the weight front. I only put on point 2 of a pound on holiday but I am way heavier than you !!!
    Hope this comment takes - I'm having lots of blogger troubles which are so frustrating & time consuming !

  7. Sorry - did you say fast paced and morning in the same sentence? Does not compute. At least two cups of tea need to have got past my lips before I even know who I am let alone who anyone else is :D

    Good for you with the weight loss. I put on 5lb over Christmas but lost 3lb again this week with a bug I had, nausea feeling meant not scoffing to much.

    Have a great week K :)



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